List of Companies Replacing Women with Men Dressed as Female

~ UPDATED LIST–Companies replacing women with men: Why are businesses replacing real women with male caricatures of women in their ads? Full list of companies erasing women at the end of the article. ~ On May 14, 2023, we began keeping a partial record of the companies which are erasing women by replacing them with … Read more

Mother’s Day Articles, Poems & Scriptures

~ Articles and poems about Mother’s Day and mothers ~ Scriptures Top 10 Bible Verses for Mother’s Day ~ The top ten Bible verses about mothers for Mother’s Day ~ Mother’s Day is almost here—that special day when we remember our mothers with cards, gifts and flowers, and the best gift of all—our time… Read … Read more

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

~ Mother’s Day Thoughts ~ Mother’s Day, two different avenues of emotions and memories will gush from your past depending on the Mother you had. For most, there are wonderful memories of a caring individual who has loved you unconditionally since birth. But unfortunately for some, the memories are not as pleasant. For them, the pain … Read more

What My Mother Taught Me: Humor

~Things my mother taught me ~ For Mother’s Day, enjoy some humor about moms.  What My Mother Taught Me My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE:“If you’re going to kill each other, do it outside – I just finished cleaning!” My mother taught me RELIGION:“You better pray that will come out of … Read more

Date Nights Save Relationships Says Study

~ Date nights save relationships, claims major new study~ Among couples who stayed together, date nights at any stage significantly increased the probability of reporting being very happy (rated 6-7 out of 7) when the child was aged 14.  Marriage Foundation Study This may sound like good news for wives, but when you think about … Read more

When Bullies Claim to Be Victims

~ The “gender” bullies are at it again! Facebook group Writers Helping Writers Caves to Woke Mob ~ On March 7, a writer posted in Facebook’s Writers Helping Writers group that she had received positive feedback on her children’s book about “gender identity.” She soon got a bunch of likes, several sporting the rainbow flag, … Read more


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