Bestselling Author Reveals How to Achieve Full-Time Income Through Side-Hustles

~ #1 Bestselling Author Reveals How to Achieve Full-Time Income Through Side-Hustle Stacking ~ Is the economy getting you down? Is it hard to pay your bills during the hefty inflation of Bidenomics? Side hustles might be the answer. According to recent statistics, over 80 million Americans now supplement their incomes with side hustles, with 41% … Read more

Nashville Ranked 16th Best Metro Area for a Pest Control Business

~ Nashville is ranked the 16th best metro area for starting a pest control business ~ April is National Pest Management Month. The process of managing and preventing pests like insects, rodents and other animals from causing damage to homes, businesses and other areas is called pest control. Methods of managing harmful pests include traps … Read more

Top Eight Tips to Handle 2023’s Inflation

Photo of money by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

~ As inflation has risen the past two years, here are my top eight tips to handle 2023’s Inflation ~ “Never spend your money before you have it.” – Thomas Jefferson The last couple years inflation has hit many people rather hard. It is impossible to go shopping without noticing how much more expensive everything … Read more

How to Buy Car Insurance 101: Tips & Suggestions

Photo of cars by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

~ Tips and helpful advice on how to buy car insurance for auto insurance shoppers ~ How to Buy Car Insurance 101 The automobile has long been associated with a sense of freedom, but cars are often more than just a convenient way to travel. Almost everyone will need car insurance during their lifetime, and … Read more

TN Lawmakers Should Protect Health Care Freedom with Senate Bill SB 862

~ The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministriescalls on TN lawmakers to protect health care freedom and pass Senate bill SB 862 ~ Right now, the Tennessee legislature is considering an important bill, SB 862, sponsored by Senator Shane Reeves, which would protect access to faith-based health care for more than 28,000 Tennessee members of Health Care … Read more


NY Times Best-Selling Author: Biblical Principles to Survive Economic Chaos

Book by Garpy Harpst

~ New York Times best-selling author Gary Harpst says the Bible offers every organization the key to survive in economic chaos ~ Biblical Principles to Survive Economic Chaos In the 2023 Business Leaders Outlook survey from JP Morgan Chase, 91% of business leaders say they continue to face challenges from rising inflation and only 8% … Read more


The Baby Boomer Dilemma Film

Poster for The Baby Boomer Dilemma

~ The Baby Boomer Dilemma Takes on Retirement Planning at Special Showing at Bellevue 12 on Feb. 21 ~ The Baby Boomer Dilemma, an exposé of America’s retirement experiment, had a special showing at Bellevue 12 in Nashville on Feb. 21. The showing was sponsored by Legacy Builders Wealth Management. Founder and President Andrew Winnett, … Read more



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