Memorial Day in the U. S. A., a Poem

~ A Poem About Memorial Day in the U.S.A. ~   For Memorial Day weekend, here is a poem in honor of those who died serving our country.Memorial Day in the U. S. A. For those who fell on battlefieldsSo far away from home,Or languished in a prison cellUntil their lives were goneWe lift flags of the U. S. A.On this your very special day.So bright, so brave, the best of themDefended us so wellThat now in humble gratitudeOur hearts…

Memorial Day, a Poem

A Poem Honoring Our Dead Soldiers for Memorial Day by a Veteran Today, a mother laid a lily on a young soldier’s grave,for his country, this young man gave it all, so gallant and so brave.This brave young soldier went off to war, now he no longer lives,for the love of God and country, he gave all that he could give.I served my country long ago; in years I gave it ten,if I were a young man now, I would…

America Indebted (Memorial Day Poem)

~ A poem for Memorial Day ~ A poem in appreciation for our soldiers for Memorial Day America Indebted Freedoms and rights both old and new,Are blessings our nation has earned.The toll of the whole, paid by the fewAs enemy fronts we turned.The right to express a different opinion,Is to all fundamentally granted.Let’s embolden our soldiers: save our dominion!Lest tares in our midst supplant us.Thanks to the soldiers, the valiant corpsWho enlist in the force of their choosing.They are certain…

Mother’s Day Poetry

~ Poems written in honor of Mother’s Day ~  The Homemaker She works around the clock it seems Washing clothes and cleaning things. At times content, at times despairing, But always there and always caring. Taking on the daily tasks, Responding to the voice that asks, “Mom, have you….” you know the rest. But do you know how mothers bless? Mothers run a home, that’s true. But there’s much more to what they do. Beyond the making of a house…

A Mother’s Love

~ A Mother’s Love— a poem for Mother’s Day ~ A mother’s love is a cherished treasure, One with value no one can measure. Unlike others, hers is a love that will last, A sincere love–demonstrated and steadfast. Before she ever cradles her child in her welcoming arms, She’s already determined to shield that one from all alarms. No sacrifice too great, no night too dark, and no road too long To ever keep her from the child to whom…

A Collection of Easter Poetry

Happy Easter! This is a collection of three poems, my trinity of Easter poetry, with a link to the third, an Easter acrostic poem. Easter Haiku Easter morning dawns.Behold the empty chamber:Jesus is risen! Wonder – an Easter Poem Was it an ordinary day? Were shepherds in the fieldwith sheep idly ambling through Judean grass?Did children play in the dusty streets? Were mothers baking bread,mixing, pounding, stirring, doing ordinary tasks?Did sweethearts share a chaste kiss in the olive grove’s deep…

Easter Poetry

A compilation of Easter poetry to enjoy during the Easter season. SEEK YE FIRST Seek ye first His kingdom,with the rising of the sunand seek Him in the eveningwhen all your work is done.Seek Him in a quiet placeand seek Him in the fray.Desire more His presenceas you come to bow and pray.Honor Him with honestyand shower Him with praise.Let His wondrous Spirit comerenew your mind today.Consecrate your life todayas on an altar laid.Mindful of His sacrifice,and the price for…

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