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Spotlight on John Chisum

A look at Nashville Christian Songwriters President John Chisum Who Is John Chisum? John Chisum is a veteran Christian music industry executive, internationally acclaimed worship leader and prolific songwriter who recently launched ‘Song Revolution with John Chisum’ on the new ‘AccessMore’ Podcast Platform. Song Writer The writer of numerous Top Ten and Number 1 songs, with more than 400 of his own songs appearing on records and in print, Chisum is widely known for his songs recorded by Christian artists…

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‘Song Revolution with John Chisum’ Launches on ‘AccessMore’ Podcast Platform

Nashville Christian Songwriters’ “Song Revolution with John Chisum” Launches on New “AccessMore” Podcast Platform; Christian Music Radio Giant Educational Media Foundation (EMF), Parent Company of the Nation’s Largest Contemporary Christian Radio Networks, K-LOVE and Air1, as Well as Faith-Based Publishing and Film Leader WTA Media, Adds Exciting New Internet Platform Nashville Christian Songwriters (NCS), a coaching and resource company dedicated to empowering Christian songwriters worldwide, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Song Revolution with John Chisum podcast as one of the debut…

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More ‘Nashville’: Articles about ABC’s Hit Show ‘Nashville’

A List of articles about ABC’s “Nashville” starring Connie Britton, Charles Esten, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen and more. Charles Esten Releasing New Music Every Friday ABC’s ‘Nashville’ Christian music connections: T-Bone Burnett and more Connie Britton talks diet, age, beauty as NewBeauty’s Summer/Fall cover girl ABC’s ‘Nashville’ Adds Wholesome Character Who Doesn’t Drink or Have Promiscuous Sex ABC Nashville’s choir boy — Sean Butler (Tilky Jones) ABC’s ‘Nashville’ — Juliette’s hymn ‘For Your Glory’ lyrics & background Charles Esten, Clare…

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