Women of the Bible on Newsstands

~ Women of the Bible issue of Life magazine now put on Newsstands ~ Life’s Women of the Bible is out on newsstands now. This publication is a reprint of an older edition and sells for $14.99. Full of colorful paintings depicting women in the Bible, the issue is broken into four parts: “the introduction … Read more

Brave Books Offers Great Content for Kids

~ At a time when children are being inundated with inappropriate content from money-hungry woke publishers, Brave Books offers great content for kids ~ Brave Books: Great Content for Kids In an age where drag queens read to and perform for children in libraries and classrooms; where public schools indoctrinate children with progressive, Marxist culture; … Read more

When Bullies Claim to Be Victims

~ The “gender” bullies are at it again! Facebook group Writers Helping Writers Caves to Woke Mob ~ On March 7, a writer posted in Facebook’s Writers Helping Writers group that she had received positive feedback on her children’s book about “gender identity.” She soon got a bunch of likes, several sporting the rainbow flag, … Read more

Ryan Bomberger’s ‘He Is He’ Book Out

~ Ryan Bomberger’s “He Is He” is the follow-up to his popular “She Is She” children’s book ~ Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of Radiance Foundation and author of “She Is She,” has released a new pro-life, pro-adoption, pro-science children’s book, “He is He,” which is binary sex-affirming and celebrates what it means to be a … Read more

Amazon Original ‘The Wild’ Pushes Immorality & Wokeness for Teens

~ Review: Amazon original series “The Wilds” is a plastic, poisonous dose of immorality and wokeness for teens ~ Amazon Original ‘The Wild’ Pushes Immorality for Teens The Amazon series “The Wilds” is a plastic, poisonous dose of immorality and wokeness for teen girls. Supposedly on a wilderness experimental retreat to develop their strengths, and … Read more

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Christian Leaders Speak Out

~ January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month and Christian Leaders Elizabeth Bradshaw, Doug Stroup and Brad Hopp Speak Out ~ The ‘Sound of Freedom movie has turned the world’s eye to the horror of human exploitation, and Human Trafficking Prevention Month turns our eyes to the important issue again. Christian Leaders Respond to Human Trafficking Month Christian … Read more

Companies Replacing Women with Men Dressed as Female: List

~ UPDATED LIST–Companies replacing women with men: Why are businesses replacing real women with male caricatures of women in their ads? ~ Companies Replacing Women with Men Recently, a bunch of “woke” companies have jumped on the new bandwagon of businesses and brands hiring a “trans woman” instead of a real woman to promote their … Read more

The Evil Priests of Hollywood

~ Hollywood has forced their aggressive evil preacher/priest agenda past the point of sanity ~ During a recent bout with COVID, I watched a lot of television, mostly movies. I watched drama, adventure, comedy, crime, apocalypse, survival, sci-if, and zombie movies. These movies were almost all selling political or cultural agendas: climate control, bi-racial couples, … Read more

Celebrating Constitution Day Sept. 17

The Constitution

Who didn’t have to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution in elementary school of middle school? Those familiar words mean something and lead into one of the most important documents on the planet. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the … Read more


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