Christmas on Ice — A Short Story, Part III

With the glow of her friend’s call and the treasure of new Christmas cards still upon her, she pondered the possibility of attending the Christmas night services at the nearby non-denominational church. She had toyed with the idea before, but every year the weather or illness or some other handy excuse had kept her from attending any Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services. The truth was, she didn’t really know anyone at the church other than the pastor, his wife…

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Christmas on Ice — A Short Story, Part II

Christmas Day dawned cold, bright and full of promise. She awakened to a small white paw batting at her nose. Pulling the cat under the covers with her, she stroked the soft, gray fur while she began to think about the day ahead. Suddenly her eyes shot open. “It’s Christmas!” She pushed back the covers and reached for the warm plaid robe that she wore every winter. Following the cat, who sensed breakfast was at hand, she made her way…

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Christmas on Ice — A Short Story, Part I

She looked out the window at the ice and snow covering the surrounding hills, shivering and smiling at the same time. It was a beautiful sight that greeted her eyes through the frosted panes. Ice crystals reflected what small light made it through the clouds, and a sprinkling of snow, like sugar dusted the ground and the glittering trees. Turning from the winter spectacle, she put another log on the fire and sank back into her chair, drawing a blanket…

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The Rank Game Is Fun for Family, Friends–A Review

The Rank Game encourages family and friends to turn off their devices and have fun getting to know each other. Includes optional Faith Expansion Pack. -> Click now and get 20% off The Rank Game! Most people are aware of the dismal statistics or news stories about how technology, screen time, advertising and social media are eroding social lives. You may have experienced this first hand in your own life. Even when we want to quit tech and spend more…

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Popular Wedding Customs

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry This article on Popular Wedding Customs was first published on our site in 2009 Considering that a wedding is the most important event in a person’s life, it is not surprising that most couples want to make this a unique occasion. Most people these days opt for exclusive weddings like theme wedding, destination wedding and so on. However, there is no denying the importance of the traditional wedding. This is the white wedding most Americans…

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The Single’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

When Yahoo requested articles with an anti-Valentine’s Day theme recently, I felt right at home. Why? Because for about 10 years, I hosted an Anti-Valentine’s Day party for my single friends and my church singles group! For that reason I feel HIGHLY qualified to share some tips on celebrating an Anti-Valentine’s Day! Ad: THROW A PARTY The first thing you need to remember is that there are a lot of people at loose ends on Valentine’s Day! Why mope around…

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