Should Children Be Put on the Road to Transition?

~ Children put on the road to transition: It is one thing to push the “trans” ideology on adults, but it is reprehensible to push it on children ~ Part 3 of a series on the “Transgender” Agenda. Children Put on the Road to Transition Schools, cartoons, movies, and children’s books are now pushing the … Read more

Why Should You Wear Sunscreen? Everything You Wanted to Know about Sun Protection

~ Sunscreen is important for all the summer holidays and more ~ July is Ultraviolet Awareness Month Summer is officially here! With July 4 coming up as well as all the summer festivals, weekends and activities, it is time to talk about why sunscreen is so important to your health. Did you know even children … Read more

Pfizer Repeatedly Under Fire for False Statements

~ UPDATE: Pfizer under fire again for false statements, this time from the state of Kansas. ~ Pfizer Under Fire for False Statements Pfizer is under fire again, this time from the State of Kansas which is accusing the company of misleading the public about its COVID-19 vaccine. Kansas states that Pfizer is hiding risks … Read more

Keeping the Paths Clean at Warner Parks

~ Cleaning up the dog waste from the paths at Warner Parks ~ The Warner Parks were launched in 1927 with the opening of Percy Warner Park. Edwin Warner opened a few years later. Since then they have been one of Nashville’s favorite hiking destinations, with the Warner Park Nature Center celebrating its 50th anniversary. … Read more

Teen Mental Health Is Declining; Campus Clubs Offer Hope

~ As teen mental health declines, Alex McFarland Ministries’ Viral Truth Campus Clubs prepare Christian youth to find hope in Christ ~ OCTOBER IS NATIONAL DEPRESSION AND MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING MONTH Teen Mental Health Is Declining Poor mental health is a growing problem for today’s teens. A recent CDC study found a rise in high school students reporting … Read more


Going to the Dogs: 2022’s Best Dog Park Cities 

~LawnStarter ranks the best and worst dog park cities, including Nashville~ The dog days of summer are fast approaching. If dogs are man’s best friends, then dog parks are an important feature of a community. Which U.S. cities with pooch-friendly green spaces are up to snuff, which ones are in the doghouse, and does Nashville … Read more


Best and Worst Cities for Runners

~Running the numbers: Best Cities for Runners, ranked by Lawn Love~ Global Running Day is June 1 Running for health has numerous benefits. Even those who point to the few potential health problems some runners occasionally face have to acknowledge the overall benefits of weight loss, cardio and bone strengthening among the many wellness benefits of … Read more


A Spouse’s Gender Dysphoria by Proxy

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

A heartbroken wife shares her grief over her husband’s “gender dysphoria” Updated May 26, 2022 You hear a lot about “gender dysphoria” today. Up until 2013 and continuing into 2017 in some publications, the condition of a man thinking he was a woman or a woman believing she was a man on the inside, was … Read more


AFLDS Issue Brief: WHO Pandemic Treaty

America's Frontline Doctors logo

~AFLDS Releases Issue Brief for Citizens and Policymakers~ America’s Frontline Doctors has issued a statement about the Biden administration’s plan to give away more US sovereignty and rights to the WHO this week. AFLDS STATEMENT OF POSITION During what some have called “the eye of the storm” in terms of the global pandemic crisis, the … Read more


New Bill Threatens 50,000 Coloradans’ Health Care Sharing

Over 50,000 Coloradans will be harmed if new bill passes restricting health care sharing Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries prepares for Colorado hearing over legislative attack on Health Care Sharing Ministries Colorado legislature is considering a deeply flawed bill that could turn thousands of Coloradans into health care refugees. Colorado bill HB 22-1269 creates a hostile environment … Read more



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