Experts Ponder the Future of Technology and Ramifications of Humanoid Computers

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~ Lord Martin Rees and Dr. John Wyatt Consider ‘Robots, Transhumanism and Life Beyond Earth’ on Episode 5 of ‘The Big Conversation’ ~ Experts Ponder Future of Technology As technology continues to develop and expand into every aspect of daily life, it has become difficult to imagine a future without it. But the possibilities of this … Read more

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How Nerdy Is Nashville?

~ 2022’s Geekiest Cities: How Geeky Is Music City? ~ Hey Nashville nerds! July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Whether you’re a gamer, tech wizard, or just dream of intergalactic travels, there are many places where you can live out your geeky dreams, but just how nerdy is Nashville? Nashville plays host to the … Read more

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Free Christian Games Online

Photo of child playing games online

~A look at several websites that offer free Christian Games Online; Part 2 in a series on online Christian gaming~ We took a look at the popularity of video gaming in our previous article, Christian Video Games 101. Now we will highlight websites that offer Christian games online for free. Christian online games are definitely … Read more

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This Build for PC Computers Will Save You Money

Computer Build for PC

How to save money by building a great PC computer for modern 3D gaming DIY Build for PC Computers With bands like Skillet making their own video games, and other modern video games coming out for 3D gaming, many people are discovering a good PC computer for playing video games can be expensive. Sure, you … Read more

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