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‘What Is a Woman’ Free on Twitter This Weekend

~ Watch ‘What Is a Woman’ Documentary Free on Twitter This Weekend ~ The DailyWire 90-minute documentary film “What Is a Woman” starring Matt Walsh was first available on the Twitter platform for free for 24 hours on Thursday night to mark the one-year anniversary of its release. However, because of restrictions placed on the film by some inside Twitter, visibility was restricted due to two instances of what was called “misgendering.” Twitter staff labeled the documentary as “hateful conduct,”…

List of Companies Replacing Women with Men Dressed as Female

~ UPDATED LIST–Companies replacing women with men: Why are businesses replacing real women with male caricatures of women in their ads? ~ Companies Replacing Women with Men Recently, a bunch of “woke” companies have jumped on the new bandwagon of businesses and brands hiring a “trans woman” instead of a real woman to promote their products. Bud Lite in particular has received notoriety for putting the face of Dylan Mulvaney on its cans and then losing millions of dollars, because…

One Year After Brutal Stoning Death of Christian Student, Justice Has Failed

~ One Year After the Brutal Stoning Death of Christian student Deborah Emmanuel in Nigeria, Justice has Not Been Served ~ We Remember; Save the Persecuted Christians Encourages a Month of Action for Justice for Deborah and Others One year ago today, May 12, 2022, Deborah Emmanuel a 22-year-old college student in Sokoto, Nigeria was stoned to death by her fellow classmates and her body burned while a jubilant crowd celebrated her murder. Deborah, a Christian student, was murdered by incensed Muslim students following…

National Day of Prayer 2023 is May 4

~ May 4, 2023 marks the National Day of Prayer ~ On April 30 at Harvest Church online, Pastor Greg Laurie’s son Jonathan Laurie, reminded viewers that May 4 is National Day of Prayer for 2023. This year,, the No. 1 app for prayer and faith-based audio and video streaming content, will broadcast the annual National Day of Prayer livestream on Thursday, May 4, at 8 p.m. EDT. Founders Steve Gatena and Matthew Potter will add their prayers for the nation…

What Is a Woman? AFA Praises Kansas for Correct Answer

~ AFA praises Kansas for answering 2023’s enduring question: ‘What is a woman?’~ In no age of human history have large segments of the population been as confused about basic biology as they are now, but the Kansas legislature has stepped into the breach to fight for common sense and define what a “woman” is. The Kansas House and Senate overrode a veto by Gov. Laura Kelly (D) by resounding margins of 84-40 and 28-12 respectively. The measure simply states that being woman…

Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against Christian Churches

~ Free rein given to increasing Communist-style violence against American Christian churches in 2023 ~ ‘The Biden administration appears to be either unwilling or unable to bring people to justice’ AFA Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against American Churches in 2023 An addendum to a study documenting violence against at least 69 Christian churches in the Unoited States in just the first three months this year reveals that angry, unhinged supporters of abortion, transgenderism and other cultural Marxists have thrown fear of…

Faith & Freedom Coalition Registration for 2023 Road to Majority Policy

~ Faith & Freedom Coalition Opens Registration for 2023 Road to Majority Policy Conference ~ Registration for 2023 Road to Majority Policy Registration opens today for the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual Road to Majority Policy Conference, which will be held June 22-24, 2023, at the Washington Hilton in Washington D.C. For the past 12 years, the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Policy Conference has empowered conservative activists to fight for their values at the polls and in the public arena….

USPIE Founder Criticizes ‘Gender Resource Fair’ for Children

~ USPIE Founder Criticizes ‘Gender Resource Fair’ Aimed at Young Children: ‘These are children, not pawns in a political game’; USPIE founder slams ‘gender resource fair’ for young children ~ USPIE documentary uncovers tragic reality of government schools and empowers parents to take back their God-given parental rights USPIE Founder Criticizes ‘Gender Resource Fair’ for Young Children Minneapolis Public Schools are hosting a “gender resource fair” at an elementary school on April 13 that will include a bounce house and drag story hour for kids….

A Moment in History: The Final 24 Hours of Jesus’ Life, FISM News Documentary

~ FISM News announces new documentary, ‘A Moment in History: The Final 24 Hours of Jesus’ Life’ ~ Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, and FISM News, a conservative news program that approaches national and global issues from a biblical worldview, are proud to present “A Moment in History: The Final 24 Hours of Jesus’ Life,” a feature documentary that dramatically uncovers the events of the final hours of Jesus’ life, leading to His crucifixion and death. This documentary, which airs on Good Friday, April…

Thoughts on the Shooting at The Covenant School, Nashville

~ The Shooting at The Covenant School, Nashville, TN ~ On March 27, a Nashville woman committed a mass shooting at The Covenant School, a private Presbyterian school in the Green Hills area of Nashville. A former student of the Christian school, Aiden Hale killed three children and three adults, but was brought down by Nashville police before she could kill more. Authorities claim that that none of the six murder victims were targeted at the school building, and yet…

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