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2023’s Dirtiest Cities in America: Nashville’s Rank

Thine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears America the Beautiful The song may talk about gleaming alabaster cities, but many cities in the United States are dirty. Some are even filthy. How does Nashville rank in the list of dirties cities? Keep reading to find out if Music City is also Dirty City. The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty Rats, mold, pollution, and trash plague many U.S. cities big and small — but the problem is worse in…

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Timothy Head, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, on March for Life

~ Statement by Timothy Head, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, on the March for Life ~ “Today, the Faith & Freedom Coalition celebrates the first post-Roe March for Life. Last June, a tectonic shift occurred in the fight for life in America. It’s been seven months since Roe was overturned, and in that short time we’ve seen much to applaud — and much to fear. Thousands of innocent lives have already been saved because of new or…

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2023 World Watch List: Persecution of Christians

~ 2023 World Watch List: Radical violence sweeps across Sub-Saharan Africa destabilizing nations with no end in sight ~ Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) faces a vast humanitarian catastrophe, as a wave of religiously motivated violence nurtured in Nigeria (7) has swept across the region, targeting Christian populations at an alarming rate in countries like Burkina Faso (23), Cameroon (45), Mali (17) and Niger (28). Signs of jihadist expansion are also clearly visible in Mozambique (32), Congo DR (37) and other countries. …

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Effect of the ‘Transgender’ Lifestyle on Spouses

~ The Effect of the “Transgender” Lifestyle on Their Spouses—Why spouses of those pursuing “transgenderism” need resources ~ I lost my husband in 2022. It took a year for him to pass. It was the hardest year of my life as I mourned the passing of my spouse the entire year. For although he is still alive, he has altered himself in ways that cannot be undone as he tries desperately to appropriate my birthright as a natural, authentic woman. …

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YFC’s 2023 plan to engage one million youth with the Gospel

~ YFC reveals 2023 plan to engage one million youth with the Gospel each year ~ Christianity is in decline in America. A recent report revealed the number of religiously unaffiliated people is hypothesized to approach or exceed the number of Christians by 2070, and this trend is even more severe for Generation Z (anyone born from 1997 to 2012). One source explained, “The parents of millennials and Generation Z did less to encourage regular participation in formal worship services and model religious…

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Nashville Ranked No. 3 City with Green Space

~ Nashville is the No. 3 City With the Most Green Space ~ Most people love to get out in nature and take a scenic walk or drive. So, which cities have the best access to parks, yards and green spaces? Lawn Love ranked nearly 100 of the biggest U.S. cities to determine 2023’s Cities With the Most Green Space. How does Nashville stack up? Southern cities overall did well with their green spaces, sprouting to the top of the rankings thanks to…

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USPIE documentary ‘Truth & Lies in American Education,’

USPIE documentary, ‘Truth & Lies in American Education,’ empowers parents with tools to fight for the welfare of their children Parents are outraged at the recent ruling from a Massachusetts federal judgeregarding parental rights in government schools. The judge in question dismissed a lawsuit filed by two Massachusetts parents against public school officials who allegedly encouraged their children to identify as the opposite gender without their consent. Calling the schools’ policy “imperfect” and “flawed,” the judge determined there was not enough to…

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Donating Hair for the New Year

~ How to Donate Hair for the New Year ~ With the New Year here, you might be thinking of a new hair style for 2023. If funds are low, or if you want to do something nice for someone less fortunate, consider donating your hair. There are numerous organizations like Locks of Love that accept hair to make wigs for children and adults who have lost their hair due to disease. And—thankfully—there are also numerous hair salons that will…

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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for 2022

Christmas gifts are part of the holiday tradition, whether for good or bad. And while presents should not define Christmas, the act of generous giving is associated with the Wise Men and the Christian life. We did not receive many items to review this year, so our list will be brief. Elf on the Shelf Number 5 on our list is Elf on The Shelf. A perennial favorite for the little ones, Elf on the Shelf is as cute as…

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Author Jonathan Cahn Reveals Ancient Mystery Behind Wokeism

~ Bestselling author Jonathan Cahn reveals the ancient mystery that lies behind wokeism in America ~ ‘The Return of the Gods’ hit New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly bestsellers lists Jonathan Cahn Reveals Ancient Mystery Behind Wokeism Is it possible that ancient entities known as the “gods” have returned to our world? Could they be the hidden agents transforming modern culture? Could the growing movement to curtail free speech in the West, whether in the form of…

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