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I Voted in the Presidential Election of 2020, Will You?

The Presidential election of 2020 promises to be one of the most important in my lifetime and yours. Our country is on the brink of a potential debt crisis, more government control, more media and social platform bias against Christians, as well as more free speech suppression, and more destruction of religious freedoms. Abortion Some Christians have complained that they are being asked to vote for one platform and one platform only–against abortion. Abortion is certainly an important platform this…

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Why Did Facebook Delete the ‘Pray for Our President’ Group? Interview with Donna Partow

Interview with Donna Partow: “Pray for Our President” Founder Donna Partow speaks out on the deletion of the popular prayer group by Facebook one month before the election As reported yesterday, earlier this month, members of the 140k-large Facebook group “Pray for Our President,” led by Christian author and speaker Donna Partow along with Carlos Sarmiento, noticed the group was no longer listed in their Groups list. Smaller groups with the same name remained, but the largest group dedicated to…

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Popular ‘Pray for Our President’ Facebook Group Deleted from Facebook

“Pray for Our President” Facebook Group Deleted In October, Facebook members of the popular “Pray for Our President” group led by author and speaker Donna Partow, which had over 135,000- 140,000 followers, noticed the group was no longer listed in their Groups list. Mysteriously, while smaller groups of the same name remained, the large group had vanished. The prayer group was apparently deleted by the powers that be at the multi-billion dollar Facebook corporation, during the last critical month before…

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Worst Week Ever for Social Media Suppression of Information

Parler, a new social media platform dedicated to free speech, has tallied the many examples occurring this week in which social media platforms restricted or suppressed the free flow of information in the run-up to the 2020 election. The information brownout is now well under way. In the past week: Twitter blocked the sharing of a link to a story by the New York Post, America’s fourth largest newspaper, laying out evidence of corrupt influence peddling by Hunter Biden, his father…

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Ric Grenell Claims Twitter is Censoring Conservatives on Logan Sekulow ReProgram

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell Claims Twitter is Censoring Conservatives in Logan Sekulow ReProgram Exclusive, Vows Not to Let It Go Ric Grenell Claims Twitter Censoring Conservative Accounts In an exclusive interview with The Logan Sekulow ReProgram, Ric Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence, claims that he was locked out of his Twitter account earlier this week after posting a completely valid mail-in ballot concern. Joining the show in-studio, Grenell explains what led to the account…

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What Does the Bible Say About Politics?

 With the national election just weeks away. Jim Denison, co-founder of Denison Forum, pastor, author and digital-ministry leader, digs into the Bible to discover its insights on politics. “Some Christians say we should stay ‘above’ politics, especially in such a politically-charged season as 2020,” Denison said. “At the same time, God’s word calls Christians to be ‘salt and light’ in their culture. So how can Christians be politically active while remaining Christlike? How can Christians vote biblically? How can Christians…

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Kirk Cameron Hosts ‘Think. Pray. Vote.’ on TBN

Kirk Cameron Hosts ‘Think. Pray. Vote.’ — Two-Part Election Special to Tackle Issues Facing Voters Today, Airs Oct. 2 and 9 with Kirk Cameron, Anthony Evans, Nicole C. Mullen, more. How should faith impact US voters in the coming election? TBN’s upcoming two-part series with Kirk Cameron, ‘Think. Pray. Vote.’ hopes to answer that question. Kirk Cameron Hosts “Think. Pray. Vote.” Actor and media personality, Kirk Cameron, will be joined by some of today’s most notable voices to tackle issues…

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Alveda King on Trump Declaring Lynching a Hate Crime, KKK & ANTIFA Terrorists

Evangelist Alveda King Speaks Out on Trump Declaring Lynching a Hate Crime and KKK and ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists Evangelist Alveda King submits the following and is available for comment: The first 2020 Presidential Debate was an eye opener for America. Regardless of media bias, we saw and heard President Trump defend America’s families, America’s economy, America’s babies, America’s environment and America’s security. Alveda King on Trump Declaring Lynching a Hate Crime, KKK & ANTIFA Terrorists Just days before the debate, POTUS…

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United Nations Should Address the Escalating Genocide of Christians in Nigeria 

Christian Solidarity Int. calls for the UN to address the escalating genocide of Christians in Nigeria Since 2013, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has been providing material aid to Nigerians affected by terrorist violence. The struggle between the indigenous, predominantly Christian farming communities of the Middle Belt states and the Islamist Fulani militias has now reached genocidal proportions. CSI issued a Genocide Warning  in January 2020, and has called on the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council to fulfill its obligations under…

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VidAngel to Emerge from Bankruptcy After Historic Copyright Battle with Disney and Other Studios

VidAngel is set to Successfully Emerge from Bankruptcy; Settlement Between VidAngel and Studios—Including Plaintiffs Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Marvel, NewLine Cinema, and Castle Rock Entertainment—Approved; Biggest Copyright Case of Decade Comes to an End  VidAngel, the family-friendly streaming app and original content studio, is preparing to emerge from bankruptcy, announcing a settlement today in its four-year legal battle with Disney, Warner Brothers, and other studios. The agreement, which allows VidAngel to now fully emerge from bankruptcy, was…

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