Remembering Victims of Human Trafficking This Holiday Season

~ Author Beth Bradshaw takes a look at human trafficking this holiday season ~ There is much to be thankful for in this season of jingle belling and Christmas cheering. In this time of too high gas prices and low income not meeting needs, there is still much for which we should be grateful. But there is also much to be mindful of as we focus on our families and lives. According to Oxford Languages Dictionary, the definition of human…

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‘She is She’ Children’s Book Celebrates What It Means to Be a Girl

~ She is She’ new children’s book, celebrates what it means to be an authentic girl ~ In a world where the word “gender” has been twisted and misused to incorporate new definitions of biological sex, parents need to teach their children what it means to be an authentic boy or girl. Women, especially, are being erased, replaced by biological men who don’t want the responsibilities of manhood and cop out by costuming themselves as women. Led by a progressive…

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New Radio Show Helps Parents Navigate Teen Years 

~ New radio show focuses on helping parents navigate through the teen years ~ Author, speaker and television host, Shannon Perry has launched a new radio show entitled “Got Teens?” on Salem Radio station KKHT in Houston, Texas. Perry answers questions from parents of teens she has met either in one-on-one counseling sessions or during her mother/teen daughter conference tour, “In Her Shoes.” Perry says the questions range from the common problems of simply learning how to communicate with teens to more pressing issues of identity….

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Teen Mental Health Is Declining; Campus Clubs Offer Hope

~ As teen mental health declines, Alex McFarland Ministries’ Viral Truth Campus Clubs prepare Christian youth to find hope in Christ ~ OCTOBER IS NATIONAL DEPRESSION AND MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING MONTH Teen Mental Health Is Declining Poor mental health is a growing problem for today’s teens. A recent CDC study found a rise in high school students reporting persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts over the past decade. The consequences of failing to address adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood, impairing both…

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What Is Gender?

~ Why I Refuse to Use the Word “Gender” Except for Grammar ~ You hear a lot about gender these days, especially the new term ”transgender.” The term may not seem new, because it has been heard a lot in schools and colleges, as well as in the media, websites, magazines, television, and Hollywood. However, until recently the word “gender” was used primarily for grammar, such as masculine and feminine endings of nouns and adjectives, as any student of Spanish…

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Cheekwood Hosts Pooch Party, Pumpkin Village

The grounds of Cheekwood went to the dogs today as dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds enjoyed the beautiful fall scenery and pumpkins. The two-day, dog-friendly event ran October 22 and 23. The canines in attendance seemed to enjoy the pumpkins as much as their human counterparts as must pumpkins needed to be sniffed thoroughly. Many of the four-legged guests wore costumes in keeping with the Halloween season. Cheekwood Harvest Pumpkin Village The pumpkin village has grown since…

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Life Lessons Learned about Finances

~ Life lessons I learned from my parents and grandparents about finances and how to use them ~ Having older parents gave me an advantage I didn’t recognize at the time. Not only were my parents older, but my mother’s parents were still alive during my elementary school years, so I grew up around people who lived during the Great Depression. In addition to that, my grandparents lived on a farm, so they also practiced practical farm frugality. The lessons…

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The Lazy Little Mouse–A Children’s Story

The story of a farm, the farm animals and a lazy little brown mouse who lived there. Chapter One: The Little Brown Mouse Once upon a time, there was a farm way out in the country with a red barn and lots of animals. There were horses, cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. There was also a little brown mouse. All the animals had jobs to do. The black, brown and spotted horses carried the farmer and his family places. They…

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The Dangerous Good Man: The Coming Revolution

~ The Solution is The Dangerous Good Man ~ While some men are abdicating their roles as men to become bystanders, or worse, succumbing to the gender disorder fad and acting like they are women, there are some dangerous good men standing up to be counted. Kenny Luck, the founder and president of Every Man Ministries (EMM), previously served as a men’s minister at Saddleback Church. The best-selling author of 23 books shares an excerpt from his most recent release,…

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Dog Nights of Summer—Cheekwood Goes to the Dogs in August

~ Dog Nights of Summer every Thursday night in August ~ Dog Nights of Summer Continuing a long-running tradition, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens presented its Dog Nights of Summer every Thursday night in August again in 2022. Tonight was the last night this year for this dog-friendly event that allows man’s best friend to enjoy a stroll through the gardens. Dogs and their guests were greeted after check in with a Dog Service Center, complete with treats and dog bowls for…

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