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‘Real Prison Real Freedom’ by Rosser McDonald Releases

“Real Prison Real Freedom” Releases Today Chronicling Transformation of Notorious Texas Inmate and Entire Texas Prison System Telling Heartbreaking Life Story of Rickie Smith A new book, “Real Prison, Real Freedom,” releases today. The biography by Rosser McDonald shares an inside look at the Texas prison system’s most tumultuous years, from 1975 through 2000, through the lens of inmate Rickie Smith’s own story of transformation. Once considered the most violent inmate in the Texas prison system, a live-changing encounter with…

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New Book ‘Real Prison Real Freedom’ by Rosser McDonald

‘Real Prison Real Freedom’ by Rosser McDonald Shares the Heartbreaking Life Story and Inspiring Change of Convicted Criminal Rickie Smith Inmate Rickie Smith was considered the most violent prisoner in the Texas prison system. That was before a radical encounter with the Gospel of Jesus Christ transformed his heart, his habits and his life. “Real Prison Real Freedom” by Rosser McDonald shares Smith’s sobering story from the time of his birth to the present day. ‘Real Prison, Real Freedom‘ by…

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CSB Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible (Win a Free Copy!)

The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible is out from respected Bible teacher author and radio personality, Dr. Gene Getz. Getz guides readers through scripture by expounding on 1,500 life principles found in the Bible. Dr. Getz uses a multimedia digital study system to expand on the principle and to help readers remember and apply the Bible’s wisdom to everyday life. Win a free Life Essentials Study Bible by entering our contest! Details below! The CSB Life…

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Joel C. Rosenberg: How to Live by Faith Not Fear

Best-selling Author Joel C. Rosenberg to Share How to Live by Faith, Not Fear During Exclusive Tyndale, LifeWay Hosted Webcast Event Live from Jerusalem on April 29 New York Times best-selling author and Middle East expert Joel C. Rosenberg will speak on “How Can I Live By Faith, Not Fear, Amidst Worst-Case Scenarios?” in an exclusive free webcast live from Jerusalem. Tyndale House Publishers, the world’s largest privately held Christian publisher of books, Bibles, and digital media, has partnered with…

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Online Church Attendance Rises During Coronavirus Spike

In some ways COVID-19 might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, because people appear to be turning to God for hope during the global Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 may be putting their friends and family out of work and uprooting their normal routines, but online church attendance is rising during the Coronavirus outbreak. Church Attendance, Bible Sales Rises During Coronavirus CBN reports that out of 400 pastors who responded to a survey, half have seen an increase in attendance through their online church services….

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BOOK OF THE MONTH: ‘Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side’ by Natasha Crain – 40 Conversations to Help them Build a Lasting Faith

This interview with author Natasha Crain and writer Sheryl Young originally appeared at the website of Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance and is reprinted here with permission. The book Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help them Build a Lasting Faith> is the Christian Activities BOOK OF THE MONTH for March. Natasha Crain’s book, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help them Build a Lasting Faith>, is now out from Harvest House (as of…

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Book of the Month — Evangelpreneur: Why Churches and Christians Are Failing Financially by Josh Tolley

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Sought-after motivational speaker and radio/TV personality Josh Tolley has penned a book on church and Christian finances. According to the Wall Street Journal, religious groups that took in half of all charitable contributions in 1990 now get less than a third due to a shift in generational giving habits. Barna research indicates that in 2011 only four percent of Americans gave ten percent of their income to churches, a drop from the previous year’s rate of…

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