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Best States to Visit Fall 2022

~ It’s fall, y’all! Is Tennessee one of the best states to visit fall 2022? ~ Cooler weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin-flavored treats — fall has arrived. If you’re planning an autumn getaway, you won’t want to miss the best states to visit this fall. To help you find the perfect 2022 autumn destinations, LawnStarter compared the 50 states based on 20 key indicators of a breathtaking and fun fall trip. They looked at outdoor access, such as the number of state parks…

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Nashville Is the Best City for Country Music Fans

~ Nashville Is the Best City for Country Music Fans According to Recent Survey ~ Do you love bluesy, downhome lyrics that sound like your life’s story? Do you enjoy listening to songs about hard drinking and heartbreak? Then you probably love you some good ol’ country music, also known as country-western music. So, where are the best U.S. cities where a country boy or girl can hear the songs they crave? Marking International Country Music Day this Sept. 17…

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Reese Witherspoon Promotes New Book at TPAC 

~ Reese Witherspoon to Promote New Book “Busy Betty” at TPAC in October ~ Reese Witherspoon will appear at TPAC in Nashville to celebrate the release of her first kids book, BUSY BETTY!  With BUSY BETTY, the Academy Award-winning actress, producer, and entrepreneur introduces you to Betty – a smart and larger-than-life character who encourages young readers to celebrate what makes them unique and realize that anything is possible. During this special event, Reese will share memories from her childhood, the…

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Dog Nights of Summer—Cheekwood Goes to the Dogs in August

~ Dog Nights of Summer every Thursday night in August ~ Dog Nights of Summer Continuing a long-running tradition, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens presented its Dog Nights of Summer every Thursday night in August again in 2022. Tonight was the last night this year for this dog-friendly event that allows man’s best friend to enjoy a stroll through the gardens. Dogs and their guests were greeted after check in with a Dog Service Center, complete with treats and dog bowls for…

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Medical Musical Group to Celebrate Veterans’ Day in Nashville 

~ The Medical Musical Group concert will be Patriotically themed around Veteran’s Day with title, “AN AMERICAN RESURRECTION: Yes, I’ll Rise Again!” ~ The renowned Medical Musical Group will celebrate Veterans’ Day in Nashville on Friday, November 10. America’s premiere chorale and symphony orchestra comprised of musically-gifted doctors, nurses, volunteers and others in the medical field will be joined by a variety of celebrity guest performers whose mission is to inspire a world of peace, hope and inspiration through music. Country recording artist and tv personality, Jessie James Deckerand world-class entertainer Deana…

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Nashville No. 22 Best City to Own a Swimming Pool

~ Out of nearly 200 cities considered, Nashville is the No. 22 Best City to Own a Swimming Pool ~ The Cumberland River, Nashville Shores, Percy Priest Lake, the Harpeth River, Radnor Lake — Nashville has plenty of water attractions. Still, for fun in the water, there is something nice about the convenience of a backyard pool when you want to dive in. With summers getting hotter than ever, there’s no better time to have an in-ground swimming pool in…

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Nashville Ranked Number 16 Best City for Hipsters

~ Nashville Scores number 16 on Best City for Hipsters List ~ It has been known for some time that East Nashville is a Mecca for hipsters, but who knew Nashville was so hip? According to the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp., Middle Tennessee is home to elegant hotels and spas, fine dining and chef driven restaurants, shops that highlight upscale brands, and unique luxury experiences that make Nashville a great high-end destination to visit. But that’s not necessarily what hipsters are looking for. We…

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How Nerdy Is Nashville?

~ 2022’s Geekiest Cities: How Geeky Is Music City? ~ Hey Nashville nerds! July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Whether you’re a gamer, tech wizard, or just dream of intergalactic travels, there are many places where you can live out your geeky dreams, but just how nerdy is Nashville? Nashville plays host to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Comic Con, Lord of the Rings groups, LARP groups, and other nerdy enterprises, so we certainly have our fair share of proud…

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4th of July 2022: Events, Articles, Music & More

~A compilation of articles, events and more for July 4, 2022~ The 4th of July is here! Already neighborhoods and business are decorated with patriotic red, white and blue as Americans get ready to celebrate this national and historic holiday. We have put together some articles and news to help you have a Happy Independence Day, so read on for your July 4 enjoyment. 4th of July 2022 Remembering The Declaration of Independence What could be a better way to…

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2022’s Best Cities for BBQ

~Nashville #33 on list of Best Cities for BBQ~ It’s time to get out the grill and the red, white and blue! With Fourth of July around the corner and our mouths watering, LawnStarter compared 200 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 18 hallmarks of a true ’cue hub. To separate the top sirloins from the chuck roasts of barbecue scenes, we considered the number of award-winning barbecue restaurants, barbecue festivals, experience hosting a “master-level” competition blessed by KCBS, and,…

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