Veterans Day Opinion Article: Gunther, Havlat, Knauss

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~ Veterans Day Opinion Article: Gunther, Havlat, Knauss, and Veterans Day ~ The 11th hour has become synonymous with Veterans Day, originally called Armistice day, in recognition of the document signed at the 11thhour, or the 11th day, of the 11th month. In reality, the Armistice ending the war to end all wars was signed around 5 am … Read more

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Nashville Media Outlet Christian Activities Marks 30 Years

~ Nashville Media Outlet Christian Activities celebrates 30th anniversary of publishing the latest Christian music and entertainment news ~ Nashville Media Outlet Christian Activities Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary The webzine Christian Activities is celebrating its 30th year of offering breaking news, event information, and new music releases to the public. Nashville entrepreneur Kathryn Darden launched the … Read more

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Christian Activities Celebrates 30 Years

~ Christian Activities Magazine celebrates 30 years of providing the latest Christian music and entertainment news to readers ~ History of Christian Activities In 1992, Nashville native and entrepreneur, Kathryn Darden, launched a new publication for Music City’s growing Christian music scene. While several major denominations had publications for their churches that listed events going … Read more

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What Did the Founding Fathers Believe About Human Nature?

The founding fathers were white males

~ Understanding the Founding Fathers Beliefs about Human Nature ~ It’s evident from their writings as well as The Declaration of Independence that the founding fathers of our country had a deep faith as well as a good grasp on human nature. What did America’s founders believe about human nature? How might a deeper understanding … Read more

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What Every Christian MUST Understand About Critical Race Theory

Mark Little

Oklahoma recently joined other states in restricting the dangerous teachings of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Although he is being heavily criticized by proponents of Critical Race Theory (including the entire Oklahoma City School Board), Gov. Kevin Stitt made an important decision in the signing of House Bill 1775 recently. The crucial bill restricts the teaching … Read more

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Top 10 Traditional Songs to Encourage Fulfilled Women

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Why Do We Need Traditional Songs to Encourage Women? Google is full of lists of songs that empower women. That’s not surprising since those are the tunes that drive radio stations and movie soundtracks. The women’s movement has done a fine job of convincing womankind that women need to be more and more empowered, but … Read more

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Thanksgiving History

What is the history of Thanksgiving Day? In December of 1620, a small group of colonists from England landed near Plymouth, Massachusetts, and built a settlement there. The first winter was filled with storms, deprivations, and disease, which took nearly half the colonists’ lives. However, hope was renewed the next year when the harvest proved … Read more

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Freedom’s Price

Some reflections on freedom’s price Our nation’s founding fathers, men who paid freedom’s price, and knew how to count the cost of liberty. On July 4, 1776, there was signed in the City of Philadelphia the Declaration of Independence. It marked the birth of this nation which under God, was designed for world leadership. Our … Read more

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