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TN Lawmakers Should Protect Health Care Freedom with Senate Bill SB 862

~ The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministriescalls on TN lawmakers to protect health care freedom and pass Senate bill SB 862 ~ Right now, the Tennessee legislature is considering an important bill, SB 862, sponsored by Senator Shane Reeves, which would protect access to faith-based health care for more than 28,000 Tennessee members of Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). Specifically, the bill would clarify that ministries are not insurance for purposes of Tennessee law. Senate Bill SB 862 Supports Health Care…

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NY Times Best-Selling Author: Biblical Principles to Survive Economic Chaos

~ New York Times best-selling author Gary Harpst says the Bible offers every organization the key to survive in economic chaos ~ Biblical Principles to Survive Economic Chaos In the 2023 Business Leaders Outlook survey from JP Morgan Chase, 91% of business leaders say they continue to face challenges from rising inflation and only 8% are optimistic about the global economy, down from 34% just last year. In his new book, “Built to Beat Chaos: Biblical Wisdom for Leading Yourself and…

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The Baby Boomer Dilemma Film

~ The Baby Boomer Dilemma Takes on Retirement Planning at Special Showing at Bellevue 12 on Feb. 21 ~ The Baby Boomer Dilemma, an exposé of America’s retirement experiment, had a special showing at Bellevue 12 in Nashville on Feb. 21. The showing was sponsored by Legacy Builders Wealth Management. Founder and President Andrew Winnett, who was a Contributing Producer of the film, spoke before and after the movie, inviting people to learn more about his company and the need…

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Mortgage Calculator Offers Free Online Money Games for Kids

~ Free Online Entrepreneur, Business, & Money Management Video Games for Kids ~ Free Online Money Games for Kids From very easy games like the Cash Back change counting came to more advanced games, this site offers a variety of colorful, fun business sim games in a manner that makes it easy for kids to get the games quickly with easy tutorials. While the site primarily focuses on money and finance, they have many game categories and dozens of games…

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Fraud Awareness Tips for the 2022 Cyber Holidays

~ Fraud Awareness Week: Tips for Staying Safe During the Cyber Holidays ~ This week is Fraud Awareness Week and with the holidays right around the corner, cyber fraud is on many people’s minds. According to the Better Business Bureau’s naughty list of the top 12 holiday shopping scams this Christmas season, the two most prevalent scams are misleading social media ads and social media gift exchange scams.  The Internet Crime Complaint Center’s (IC3) 2021 reported that non-payment or non-delivery scams cost people more than $337…

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Study Shows How Bitcoin Holders in the US Use Crypto

~ Study Shows: Most Bitcoin Holders in the US Spend It for Legitimate Purposes ~ While a small percentage spend their cryptocurrency on illegal gambling, most people who replied to a recent survey about U.S. crytpo indicated they spend their Bitcoin on speculation, investment, and paying for services. David Sandler from BonusInsider reports on findings from their recent survey on the crypto spending behavior of Bitcoin holders from the US. Between the 1st and 5th of September 2022, they surveyed 1,115 Bitcoin…

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Life Lessons Learned about Finances

~ Life lessons I learned from my parents and grandparents about finances and how to use them ~ Having older parents gave me an advantage I didn’t recognize at the time. Not only were my parents older, but my mother’s parents were still alive during my elementary school years, so I grew up around people who lived during the Great Depression. In addition to that, my grandparents lived on a farm, so they also practiced practical farm frugality. The lessons…

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How to Set and Stick to a Budget

~Tips on creating and sticking to a budget~ Why set a budget in 2022? Recently biblical investing authority Dan Celia gave his market overview for January 2022. According to Celia, all the markets closed in negative territory at the end of the month. In January the S&P was down 5.3% for the month, making it the worst month since March 2020. The NASDAQ was down 8.9% and the DA was down 3.3%. Celia says these negative indicators do not bode…

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Biblical Investing Authority Gives January 2022 Market Overview 

~Biblical investing authority Dan Celia’s January 2022 Market Overview~ Recently, nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia discussed negative markets in January 2022, as well as what that might mean for the rest of the year. January 2022 Market Overview Celia stated, “On Monday, all the markets closed in negative territory, making January the worst month for the S&P since March 2020. All three indices had a bad start to the year. We’re looking at the S&P, which…

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Health Care Sharing Ministries Offer Holistic Treatment Options

Unlike health insurance, many HCSMs allow members to share costs of alternative therapies More and more Americans are turning to alternative medicine, either to complement standard medical care or to use non-Western treatment methods as an alternative to standard medical approaches. As many as one third of American adults are using some form of alternative medical care, according to a National Health Interview Survey reported on CNN. The data come from the National Health Statistics Report, a survey of more than 89,000 American…

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