Should Children Be Put on the Road to Transition?

~ Children put on the road to transition: It is one thing to push the “trans” ideology on adults, but it is reprehensible to push it on children ~ Part 3 of a series on the “Transgender” Agenda. Children Put on the Road to Transition Schools, cartoons, movies, and children’s books are now pushing the “trans” ideology in children. Parents are being told that children as young as two or three can decide if they want to be the opposite…

AHG’s ‘Raising Godly Girls Guide to Fear and Anxiety’ Helps Parents

~ AHG’s ‘Raising Godly Girls Guide to Fear and Anxiety’ helps parents in a world full of fear ~ In today’s complex and confusing world, young girls have more to think about than playing dolls and jumping rope. ‘Girls today live in a reality laden with fear and anxiety, and it’s affecting their mental, physical and spiritual health,’ Patti Garibay, American Heritage Girls  AHG’s ‘Raising Godly Girls Guide to Fear and Anxiety’ Dealing with complex emotions is a part of growing into…

Persecuted Teachers: Christian Teacher Jessica Tapia Settlement

~ Christian teacher Jessica Tapia receives settlement from Riverside County school district following wrongful termination lawsuit after standing up for her Christian values & scientific fact. Taipa joins other teacher who have been persecuted for their faith & for speaking truth including Peter Vlaming, Yojary Mundara & Tanner Cross ~ Christian Teacher Jessica Tapia Receives Settlement Christian educator Jessica Tapia recently received a $360,000 payout from a Riverside County school district to settle a lawsuit. Tapia was fired last year…

Ryan Bomberger’s ‘He Is He’ Book Out

~ Ryan Bomberger’s “He Is He” is the follow-up to his popular “She Is She” children’s book ~ Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of Radiance Foundation and author of “She Is She,” has released a new pro-life, pro-adoption, pro-science children’s book, “He is He,” which is binary sex-affirming and celebrates what it means to be a boy and a man. Ryan Bomberger’s “He Is He” Book In a culture that makes being masculine toxic, “He is He” offers an honest narrative of men,…

Free Family-Friendly Food Games for Kids at

~ Offers Free Family-Friendly Food Games for Kids and Adults ~ Free Family-Friendly Food Games From The website offers a collection of over 100 different free online games related to food and drinks for kids and adults to enjoy at A couple of the games reminded me of simplified versions of FarmVille, where kids work with beginner concepts involving crops or animals. But that is just the beginning. There are word games, match games, music games,…

Free Christian Games Online

~ UPDATED! A look at several websites that offer free Christian Games Online for youth; Part 2 in a series on online Christian gaming ~ We took a look at the popularity of video gaming in our previous article, Christian Video Games 101. Now we will highlight websites that offer Christian games for kids online for free. Free Christian Games Online Christian online games are definitely popular, but most video games come with a price tag. Online gaming for Christians…


Target Controversy’s Satanic Roots

~ Rethinking the bullseye: The Target controversy’s Satanic influence from a biblical perspective ~ Target Controversy’s Satanic Roots Many Christians across America are astounded by Target’s recent decision to hire controversial artist Erik-James Carnell and his company Abprallen. Abprallen is a brand whose works include Satanic influenced designs, writing of one, “Satan loves you,” and marketing a “trans witches for abortion” pin, according to the designer’s own Instagram page. “We’ll hang with Satan instead,” the designer wrote in an Instagram post. Abprallen’s merchandise…

‘Stop the Madness Before It’s too Late,’ Says USPIE Founder

~ ‘Stop the madness before it’s too late,’ says USPIE founder Sheri Few ~ President Joe Biden created waves across the nation at a recent White House function honoring America’s teachers. Claiming “there is no such thing as someone else’s child” and that “our nation’s children are all our children,” Biden exposed the government’s nefarious endgame — the indoctrination of America’s children so that they believe that the government, not the family unit, is the driving force behind the American way of…


Parents Have a Duty & Constitutional Right to Protect Their Children

~ Telios Law Founder Theresa Lynn Sidebotham laments lawmaker’s cavalier attitude toward parental rights ~ Parents are not only the ones with the best knowledge on how to help and protect their children, but they also have a constitutional right to do so. Telios Law Founder Theresa Lynn Sidebotham Parents Have a Right to Protect Their Children Two Democratic lawmakers were caught calling the fight for parental rights “garbage,” “crap,” and “stupid.” The individuals in question, state Sen. Monty Mason and state…


Open Letter from The Covenant School

~ An open letter of gratitude from The Covenant School to the Nashville community ~ “It has been a little over four weeks since March 27. Four weeks since a line was drawn in the sand of our lives at Covenant, a line marking before and after, a line marking the moment when life changed, and we will never be the same. Thus begins a letter of gratitude from The Covenant School and Covenant Presbyterian Church to the Nashville community….


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