ACSI Survey of Christian Schools’ Responses to COVID-19

ACSI Releases Findings from Nationwide Survey of Christian Schools’ Responses to COVID-19 The Association of Christian Schools International has announce the release of data from a nationwide survey of Christian schools‘ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 800 Christian schools representing diverse geographic locations and school sizes responded to the survey, which was conducted in late April. Dr. Lynn Swaner, ACSI Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Cardus Senior Fellow, and lead author of the report, says the findings of the…

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California PTA Pays Planned Parenthood for Sex Ed

California PTA Chapter Contracts with Planned Parenthood to Teach Kids Sex Ed in Elementary School  Capitol Resource Institute has discovered that a Sacramento-area Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has contracted with Planned Parenthood to teach sexual education to elementary school students.  The local PTA chapter hides their payments to Planned Parenthood by listing the classes– called “puberty talks” — under “assemblies” in their annual budget. These assemblies have taken place during the last two school years and are planned for the…

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First-Ever Backyard Movie Night May 16

CHRISTIAN “STARS” SHINE AT FIRST-EVER BACKYARD MOVIE NIGHT: Boys adventure movement Trail Life USA announces its first-ever “Backyard Movie Night” on May 16 — featuring best-selling author and speaker David Benham, Christian music artists Keith and Kristyn Getty, and showing The Pilgrim’s Progress movie produced by Revelation Media. While much of America is still in isolation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the first-ever Backyard Movie Night and Campout — organized by boys’ adventure group Trail Life USA ( — will…

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First-Grader Sent to the Principal’s Office for ‘Misgendering’

In a story that gets more shocking each day, first graders in an embattled charter school must toe the politically correct ideology of today’s gender warriors or face discipline. According to news reports, a kindergarten teacher at Rocklin Academy Gateway in California held a “transition ceremony” for 5-year-old children. “After the teacher introduced the five-year-old student to the class as a boy, he then went into the bathroom and emerged dressed as a girl,” reports. Tuesday, a first grader…

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Foundation for Moral Law Files in Transgender Case

The Foundation for Moral Law, a Montgomery-based legal foundation dedicated to a strict interpretation of the Constitution as intended by its Framers, filed an amicus brief Tuesday in a transgender case that has garnered nationwide attention. G.G., a Gloucester, VA high school student who was born female but identifies as male, sued the Gloucester School Board to gain the right to use the boys’ locker rooms and other facilities. A federal judge ruled that the School Board was justified in…

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Supreme Court to Decide if Transgenders Can be Naked with Your Children

In 2003, 4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey opposed the International Olympic Committee’s decision to allow transgenders in the Olympics, the only person to do this. From there, the transgender movement spread to most state high school associations. McConkey has opposed the LGBT movement in sports, taking on the International and U.S. Olympic Committees, plus major sports leagues. The Supreme Court is about to hear the case of Gavin Grimm, a 17-year old girl, who identifies as a boy….

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BOOK OF THE MONTH: ‘Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side’ by Natasha Crain – 40 Conversations to Help them Build a Lasting Faith

This interview with author Natasha Crain and writer Sheryl Young originally appeared at the website of Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance and is reprinted here with permission. The book Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help them Build a Lasting Faith> is the Christian Activities BOOK OF THE MONTH for March. Natasha Crain’s book, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help them Build a Lasting Faith>, is now out from Harvest House (as of…

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