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Shamrock: Three Poems for Saint Patrick’s Day

Related Articles: In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, whose day we celebrate every March, here is my shamrock of three poems written for Saint Patrick’s Day. Ireland Acrostic I reland always beckoning:R ainbows and pots of gold;E merald Isle ever glistening in Celtic tales of old;L eprechauns, lurking, listening;A ncient Druids by Saints redeemed.N omad offspring seek those green shores,D rawn to Eire like ancient reckoning. St. Patrick the Shepherd, A Poem for St. Patrick’s Day…

Who Was St. Patrick?

Who Was St. Patrick? For Saint Patrick’s Day, we look at the life of an early leader of the Celtic Church A Historical Look at Saint Patrick St. Patrick was not born in Ireland but was a British Celt. According to some sources St. Patrick was born in Wales or North Britain between 370 – 385 AD. Other scholars believe he was born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387. Still others place his birthplace in France….

A Brief Look at the Celtic Church

~ Some of the history of the Celtic Church is shrouded in mystery like the Celts themselves ~ Celtic Christianity is a term applied to a set of beliefs in Briton during the Middle Ages that differed from Roman Catholocism. Some writers and historians believe there was a distinct Celtic Church. This church influenced the Celtic people and distinguished them from the Roman Church. Other historians consider the Celtic Church to be only a set of distinctive practices which were found in certain parts…

St. Patrick’s Day Poems

Letter to a Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, As you turned to God in your captivity, May we, captives of sin, turn to the Father. And when we dream, may our dreams Draw us closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. As you in your Confession revealed all Frailties, we, too, on your day confess Our need to become “begotten in Christ.” Jane Hutto St. Patrick’s Day Marauding raiders from Ireland captured Patrick in Britain at age sixteen at his…

St. Patrick’s Day Poem

Marauding raiders from Ireland captured Patrick in Britain at age sixteen at his parents’ estate, up ’til that time in Patrick’s life, things were just great. He was taken to Ireland and sold to the highest bidder into slavery; a boy on his own was left in the wilderness to tend sheep, with nothing more than his bravery. Patrick survived for six years tending the sheep, continually praying and developing his relationship with God, and even praying in his sleep….

Highly-Anticipated Book of Iona Released

The Book of Iona has now been released and all pre-orders have been shipped out  It’s been a long time coming, but the Book of Iona box set from former progressive Celtic Christian band Iona, which has been avidly awaited since June, is finally available. Dave Bainbridge, who has been snowed under with recording work, announces that the epic 17-CD “The Book of Iona” box set has now been released, and all pre-orders were shipped out almost two weeks ago. The 17…

Book of Iona Update from Dave Bainbridge

IONA’s Dave Bainbridge Provides Upcoming “Book of Iona” Update Book of IONA Box Set Update They say good things come to those who wait, and such will surely be the case with the upcoming Book of Iona Box Set and booklet. First planned for a June release, the highly-anticipated box set has been delayed by COVID-19 and the busy schedules of those involved in the project. Celtic musician Dave Bainbridge, formerly of the band IONA, provides us a quick, but…

‘Book of Iona’ Box Set Coming Out in June

“Book of Iona” coming in June; Iona and Open Sky Records announces first 5 companion disks from the upcoming box set are complete Dave Bainbridge of Iona and Open Sky Records announces that the first 5 companion disks from the upcoming box set are complete. For Iona, The Book of Kells, Beyond These Shores, Journey into the Morn and Open Sky are finished and have been mastered by Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters. “I’m so pleased that Nigel is onboard with the…

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