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A Brief Look at the Celtic Church

~ Some of the history of the Celtic Church is shrouded in mystery like the Celts themselves ~ Celtic Christianity is a term applied to a set of beliefs in Briton during the Middle Ages that differed from Roman Catholocism. Some writers and historians believe there was a distinct Celtic Church. This church influenced the Celtic people and distinguished them from the Roman Church. Other historians consider the Celtic Church to be only a set of distinctive practices which were found in certain parts…

Christmas in Nashville 2023

~ Articles and Events about Christmas in Nashville 2023 ~ It’s the end of November, and that means Christmas can’t be far behind! Music City is always a good place to celebrate the holidays, and that definitely includes Christmas. From the holiday lights at Optyland Rwsort and Cheekwood, to the decorations on Broadway, Nashville is full of Christmas cheer. Here are some Christmas events and attractions coming up in Nashville for 2023. Christmas Services Christmas Eve at First Evangelical Lutheran…

Response from Life.Church Hendersonville to Nashville Tornados

~ Life.Church Hendersonville distributes relief supplies ~ The heart of our church continues to be with our community as we work together to begin the rebuilding process. It might feel overwhelming, but I know God is with us every step of the way. Today, we will be distributing relief and clean-up supplies at Life.Church Hendersonville. If you or someone you know is in need, please spread the word so we can get these supplies into the hands of the people in…

Life.Church Presents Christmas at the Movies

~ Life.Church Presents Christmas at the Movies Starting This Weekend ~ Christmas at the Movies The first-ever Christmas at the Movies starts this weekend, and we can hardly wait! It’s time to trim the tree, put up the lights, and watch Christmas movies.  And there’s a lot we can learn from those movies. For example: Have you guessed what the first movie is yet?  Bring your friends, and enjoy Christmas at the Movies this weekend. Related Articles:

Why is Ukraine Persecuting Christians and Imprisoning Priests?

~ Ukraine seeks to eradicate Ukrainian Orthodox Church ~ Tucker Carlson recently reported on the persecution of Christians in the oldest denomination in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church following the founding of the OCU church by the Ukrainian government. Persecution includes the imprisonment of priests and the conscription of church members. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church separated from Russia last May but continues to be persecuted and punished. Carlson asked the obvious questions: why is the U.S. underwriting this and why…

Maui Wildfire Relief Funds Launched as Death Toll Rises

~ UPDATED: Harvest Church and Other Organizations Launch Maui Wildfire Relief Funds as Death Toll Continues to Climb Amidst Questions & Allegations ~ Maui Wildfire Relief Funds Launched On August 8 a wildfire broke out on West Maui where Harvest Kumulani is located. What started off as a small brushfire quickly escalated with 50 MPH wind gusts, carrying the flames down the hills into homes and businesses. The images are devastating as much of Lahaina burned down. There is no…

Pat Robertson Remembered, Legacy Lives On

~ Pat Robertson remembered by those who knew him ~ Pat Robertson a respected religious broadcaster, political commentator, presidential candidate, and Southern Baptist minister, died today, June 8, 2023. Robertson was known for upholding traditional Christian values. He served as head of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the host of The 700 Club. STATEMENT BY RALPH REED, FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN OF THE FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION, ON PAT ROBERTSON’S LEGACY  “Pat Robertson was one of the past century’s most influential figures in American religion, culture and politics….

National Day of Prayer 2023 is May 4

~ May 4, 2023 marks the National Day of Prayer ~ On April 30 at Harvest Church online, Pastor Greg Laurie’s son Jonathan Laurie, reminded viewers that May 4 is National Day of Prayer for 2023. This year,, the No. 1 app for prayer and faith-based audio and video streaming content, will broadcast the annual National Day of Prayer livestream on Thursday, May 4, at 8 p.m. EDT. Founders Steve Gatena and Matthew Potter will add their prayers for the nation…

Alex McFarland Tells Christians to Stay Strong as Attacks on Churches Rise

~ As attacks on churches rise nationwide, Alex McFarland tells Christians to stay strong in the Gospel ~ Attacks on Churches Rise  A shocking new report revealed that there was a dramatic rise in attacks against churches in the first three months of 2023. Sixty-nine churches across the country saw vandalism, bomb-threats, arson, theft, and other forms of attack from January through March, a vast jump from previous years. In 2022, there were only twenty-two reported attacks on churches over a four-month…

Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against Christian Churches

~ Free rein given to increasing Communist-style violence against American Christian churches in 2023 ~ ‘The Biden administration appears to be either unwilling or unable to bring people to justice’ AFA Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against American Churches in 2023 An addendum to a study documenting violence against at least 69 Christian churches in the Unoited States in just the first three months this year reveals that angry, unhinged supporters of abortion, transgenderism and other cultural Marxists have thrown fear of…

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