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National Day of Prayer 2023 is May 4

~ May 4, 2023 marks the National Day of Prayer ~ On April 30 at Harvest Church online, Pastor Greg Laurie’s son Jonathan Laurie, reminded viewers that May 4 is National Day of Prayer for 2023. This year,, the No. 1 app for prayer and faith-based audio and video streaming content, will broadcast the annual National Day of Prayer livestream on Thursday, May 4, at 8 p.m. EDT. Founders Steve Gatena and Matthew Potter will add their prayers for the nation…

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Alex McFarland Tells Christians to Stay Strong as Attacks on Churches Rise

~ As attacks on churches rise nationwide, Alex McFarland tells Christians to stay strong in the Gospel ~ Attacks on Churches Rise  A shocking new report revealed that there was a dramatic rise in attacks against churches in the first three months of 2023. Sixty-nine churches across the country saw vandalism, bomb-threats, arson, theft, and other forms of attack from January through March, a vast jump from previous years. In 2022, there were only twenty-two reported attacks on churches over a four-month…

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Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against Christian Churches

~ Free rein given to increasing Communist-style violence against American Christian churches in 2023 ~ ‘The Biden administration appears to be either unwilling or unable to bring people to justice’ AFA Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against American Churches in 2023 An addendum to a study documenting violence against at least 69 Christian churches in the Unoited States in just the first three months this year reveals that angry, unhinged supporters of abortion, transgenderism and other cultural Marxists have thrown fear of…

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Franklin Graham’s 2023 Easter Message on Fox News with Michael W. Smith

~ Don’t Miss: Franklin Graham’s 2023 Easter Message on Fox News with Michael W. Smith ~ Franklin Graham’s 2023 Easter Message Filmed in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Franklin Graham’s upcoming Easter special features a message on the living hope we have because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You’ll also hear a powerful musical performance by Michael W. Smith, along with a choir and chamber orchestra. Smith also performed as part of Graham’s Easter message last year. “The…

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Revival at Asbury University: Exclusive Report

~ The Feb. 2023 Revival at Asbury University Continues, Franklin’s Doug and Dabney Mann Share Their Story ~ Revival at Asbury University in Kentucky Asbury University in Wilmore, KY, has historically been known for its powerful revivals. There have been several occasions when the Holy Spirit has swept across the campus and impacted the nation. Now that is happening again. What Is the Revival at Asbury? A mighty revival broke out at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY during a chapel…

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2023 World Watch List: Persecution of Christians

~ 2023 World Watch List: Radical violence sweeps across Sub-Saharan Africa destabilizing nations with no end in sight ~ Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) faces a vast humanitarian catastrophe, as a wave of religiously motivated violence nurtured in Nigeria (7) has swept across the region, targeting Christian populations at an alarming rate in countries like Burkina Faso (23), Cameroon (45), Mali (17) and Niger (28). Signs of jihadist expansion are also clearly visible in Mozambique (32), Congo DR (37) and other countries. …

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Donating Hair for the New Year

~ How to Donate Hair for the New Year ~ With the New Year here, you might be thinking of a new hair style for 2023. If funds are low, or if you want to do something nice for someone less fortunate, consider donating your hair. There are numerous organizations like Locks of Love that accept hair to make wigs for children and adults who have lost their hair due to disease. And—thankfully—there are also numerous hair salons that will…

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Pastor Allen Jackson Hosts Veterans Day Special on TBN

~ Pastor Allen Jackson Hosts Veterans Day Special ‘Where Honor is Due’ on TBN ~ To recognize the sacrifices made by our nation’s military members to preserve our freedoms, and to encourage others to join him in honoring our veterans, Pastor Allen Jackson will host a TBN Veterans Day special, “Where Honor is Due,”  airing on Friday, Nov. 11, beginning at 8 p.m. eastern.  During the program, Pastor Jackson discusses the sacrifices made by our veterans – past and present…

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Fun Fall Fests to Enjoy in 2022

~ Where to find fun fall fests to enjoy in the Nashville area in 2022 ~ The fall season is here bringing fall colors, fall aromas, and fall festivals. where can you get your fill of fall in Middle Tennessee? Fun Fall Fests to Enjoy in the Nashville Area Neighborhood Fall Fest at Life.Church Neighborhood Fall Fest is happening at Life.Church locations on October 29-30 before and after regular services. Life Church has locations in different states including a facility…

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Nashville Media Outlet Christian Activities Marks 30 Years

~ Nashville Media Outlet Christian Activities celebrates 30th anniversary of publishing the latest Christian music and entertainment news ~ Nashville Media Outlet Christian Activities Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary The webzine Christian Activities is celebrating its 30th year of offering breaking news, event information, and new music releases to the public. Nashville entrepreneur Kathryn Darden launched the original one-page publication in 1992 while working at the historic Koinonia Coffeehouse on Music Row. It later grew to a 24-page publication which was distributed…

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