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Lord of the Rings Trilogy Returns to Theaters June 8-10

~ “The Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy is Returning to Theaters Nationwide on June 8, 9 & 10 ~ Fathom Eventsand Warner Bros. invite fans to experience one of cinema’s most iconic fantasy epics as “The Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy returns to the big screen once again this June 8, 9 and 10. Each screening puts the spotlight on the remastered, extended editions of Peter Jackson’s Oscar®-winning adaptations of Christian author  J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, kicking off with “The Fellowship Of The Ring” on June 8 at…

Top 9 Faith-Based Movies Streaming Now

~ A list of the top 9 faith-based movies streaming on television in March 2024 ~ Streaming platforms like Netflix and the rest are a mixed blessing. They provide countless hours of (sometimes free) entertainment for a relatively low (or no) monthly charge, but they can bring a high degree of cultural toxicity into your home. However, they can also bring some inspiring faith-based films to your family. Here are nine Christian movies that are streaming on various channels now….

Testament – New Series Based on Book of Acts

~ TESTAMENT – A New Multi-Season UK Series Based on the Book of Acts – Begins Production and Announces Cast  ~ Testament – New Faith-Based UK Series from Angel Studios  Angel Studios is announcing the cast for the upcoming UK TV series Testament. Directed by Paul Syrstad, produced by Jackie Sheppard (ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA), and written by Paul Syrstad, Faith Syrstad and Kenneth Omole, the series takes place in a reimagined modern world centered around the events described in the biblical…

Romance Back for Valentine’s Day with Karen Kingsbury’s Someone Like You

~ Romance Is Back in Theaters for Valentine’s Day with Karen Kingsbury Productions’ Someone Like You ~ Tickets are on sale today – Valentine’s Day – for Karen Kingsbury Productions’ debut love story Someone Like You, opening in theaters nationwide in the U.S. and in Canada starting on April 2, 2024. The movie is based on Karen Kingsbury’s New York Times bestselling novel of the same name. Kingsbury and her husband, Donald, used their savings to make the movie without the help…

Amazon Original ‘The Wild’ Pushes Immorality & Wokeness for Teens

~ Review: Amazon original series “The Wilds” is a plastic, poisonous dose of immorality and wokeness for teens ~ Amazon Original ‘The Wild’ Pushes Immorality for Teens The Amazon series “The Wilds” is a plastic, poisonous dose of immorality and wokeness for teen girls. Supposedly on a wilderness experimental retreat to develop their strengths, and push them past their social and psychological and issues, the television program is guaranteed to do the opposite. It will damage your teenage girls morally…

Angel Studios Announces New Film and Series: HOMESTEAD

~ Angel Studios Releases Sneak Peek Trailer, Announces Upcoming Feature Film and Series: HOMESTEAD ~ Angel Studios, the studio behind the global blockbuster SOUND OF FREEDOM, has completed production of the upcoming Angel Original movie and TV show, HOMESTEAD. Based on the best-selling book series, Black Autumn, by Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross, HOMESTEAD follows the clash of two families in the fall of civilization–an ultra-prepared, wealthy family against the military veteran family they’ve hired for property security. Amidst their conflict, and…

Sound of Freedom Movie Review by Author of Book on Human Trafficking

~ Sound of Freedom Movie Review by Montana Grace Author Elizabeth Bradshaw ~ Released in theaters in July 2023, The Sound of Freedom tells the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard who gets caught up in the world of child trafficking. The film is now streaming on Amazon and other platforms. Author Elizabeth Bradshaw, who wrote the award-winning novel Montana Grace about human trafficking, graciously agreed to review the movie from her perspective on the topic. Sound of…

‘The Least of These’–A Christmas Story, Movie Review

The Least of These (2018) stars  Tayla Lynn, Emma Faith, G. Michael Nicolosi (and an appearance by Christian Activities Publisher Kathryn Darden) Rose (Tayla Lynn) and her 7-year-old daughter Katy (Emma Faith) are struggling during the holidays. They live in their car (but Katy inexplicably has braces in spite of their homelessness). They might be poor in wealth, but they are rich in faith, and they end each night with a prayer. As the movie begins, mother and daughter are talking about the…

Christmas with the Chosen Coming to Theaters

~ TICKETS ON SALE TODAY, NOV. 20, FOR  ‘CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: HOLY NIGHT’ IN THEATERS NATIONWIDE AND IN CANADA DEC. 12-17 ~ Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen, and Fathom Events, announce CHRISTMAS  WITH THE CHOSEN: HOLY NIGHT coming to movie theaters nationwide and in Canada Dec. 12-17, with tickets on sale today.  “I had the same reaction to the trailer as I did when we first blended The Shepherd and The Messengers together. Tears,” said The Chosen’s creator, Dallas Jenkins. “This Special captures…

The Evil Priests of Hollywood

~ Hollywood has forced their aggressive evil preacher/priest agenda past the point of sanity ~ During a recent bout with COVID, I watched a lot of television, mostly movies. I watched drama, adventure, comedy, crime, apocalypse, survival, sci-if, and zombie movies. These movies were almost all selling political or cultural agendas: climate control, bi-racial couples, out-of-touch conservatives, female presidents and generals, and wicked, evil priests, to name a few. A few years ago it was the homosexual agenda being pushed….

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