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Lifemark Has Solid Opening Weekend

~ LIFEMARK Scores Big Box Office Numbers in Opening Weekend ~ Lifemark,  the inspirational true story of a young man’s journey as he sets out to meet his birth  parents has had a big weekend at the box office with solid numbers for its opening weekend.  The film from The Kendrick Brothers, Kirk Cameron Entertainment and Fathom Events opened Friday night for Fathom’s first-ever seven day premiere run.  Kirk Cameron stars in the film. Lifemark is a movie about a teenage…

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C.S. Lewis on Stage: Further Up & Further In Coming this Fall

~ C.S. Lewis on Stage: Further Up & Further In, Launching in 6 Cities this Fall ~ From Fellowship for Performing Arts, the producers of The Screwtape Letters, and starring award-winning actor Max McLean, comes the premiere of a dazzling, new theatrical experience that will take you Further Up & Further In the wit and wisdom of C.S. Lewis. “When Lewis moved from vigorous debunker to believer, it wasn’t obvious he would become the most influential Christian writer of the past hundred years,” said actor and playwright…

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C.S. Lewis Foundation Honors Actor Max McLean for Contributions in Dramatic Arts

~ C.S. LEWIS FOUNDATION Honors Award-Winning Actor MAX McLEAN For Contributions in Dramatic Arts ~ C.S. Lewis Foundation Honors Max McLean  Award-winning actor Max McLean received the C.S. Lewis Foundation Faculty Forum Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions in Faith and Dramatic Arts at the organization’s recent triennial conference in Oxford, U.K. The award cites McLean’s “exemplary artistic achievement demonstrated by a body of work that glorifies God on stage, through film and audio production.” “I am deeply appreciative of this…

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‘The Mulligan’ with Pat Boone, Eric Close, Nominated for Six Awards

~ ‘The Mulligan’ with Pat Boone and Eric Close Nominated for Six Awards at the Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival ~ ‘The Mulligan,’ an inspiring story about second chances, has been honored with six nominations from the upcoming Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF).  After a successful national theatrical launch, the film just released on DVD, Digital, and On Demand on August 16th through Cinedigm. Based on the novel by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong, the film…

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Kirk Cameron Talks New Film, Lifemark

~ Kirk Cameron Talks New Film Lifemark, coming in September, on American Campfire Revival ~ Kirk Cameron Lifemark Last night on the American Campfire Revival Class #2, actor Kirk Cameron announced and discussed his latest movies, “Lifemark.” An obviously enthusiastic Cameron revealed this was the first time he has partnered with the Kendrick Brothers since his 2008 film, Fireproof. The former “Growing Pains” star claims “Lifemark” is the brothers’ “best movie yet,” saying everyone he has talked to who has…

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Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon in Theaters in Dec.

~ JOHNNY CASH: “THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON” Exclusively In Theaters December 5,6 & 7 Only; documentary based on conversations with Cash that have never been heard before ~ Fathom Events, Kingdom Story Company, WTA Media, and Harvest Ministries with Greg Laurie have partnered to release “Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon” this fall.  Initially announced at CinemaCon this past spring, the documentary will be in theaters December 5, 6 & 7 only, and tickets are on sale now HERE.   ”Johnny Cash is an…

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The Mulligan Movie with Pat Boone, Eric Close Now on DVD/Streaming Platforms

~ The Mulligan Movie Released on DVD and Streaming Platforms, Starring Eric Close, Pat Boone, Tanya Christiansen ~ After a successful nationwide theatrical release, Cinedigm is releasing the faith and family film The Mulligan today On Demand, Digital and DVD.  Based on the inspirational novel by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong, the film follows a man trying to right the wrongs of his past as he learns that the game of life is best approached with a clear head. The powerful film…

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Kathie Lee Gifford Announces Debut of New Musical, THE WAY 

~ Fathom Events and Kathie Lee Gifford announce the debut of the new musical production, THE WAY ~ Kathie Lee Gifford Announces THE WAY  Moving stories from the Bible brought to life as you’ve never seen before written by four-time Emmy award-winning TV personality, actress, and best-selling author Kathie Lee Gifford, and hit songwriters Brett James, Louis York, David Pomeranz, and Sal Oliveri. This set of oratorios merges the ancient with the modern – bringing to life biblical stories with…

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‘Abandoned,’ True Saga of 4 Men Lost at Sea, a Story of Faith

~ Abandoned,’ the True Saga of Four Men Adrift at Sea for 119 Days, Is a Story of Faith ~ In 1989, four men (John Glennie, James Nalepka, Rick Hellriegel and Phil Hoffman) set sail from Picton, NZ, headed on a two-week voyage to Tonga. However the trimaran yacht Rose Noelle capsizes when it is hit by a rogue wave and fills with water, trapping the crew in a small space remaining above the ocean. After 119 days adrift, the…

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A Father’s Legacy Movie Arrives On Demand & Digital July 16

Cinedigm announces that A Father’s Legacy movie releases today, July 16 On Demand & Digital.  A Father’s Legacy is an inspiring story that touches on family, redemption, and loyalty as it follows a young man (Jason Mac) on the run after an armed robbery. Hiding from the law, he sets out to find the father he never knew. Venturing further away from the city streets, he finds himself at the secluded home of a stranger (Tobin Bell). As the days pass and the secrets about their…

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