Hymns and Choruses

For many years now, churches have been struggling with the issue of hymns and choruses. Which is better for the church to use? Typically, the older generation believes the church is missing the “foundation of the Faith” if they don’t sing hymns. And nearly everyone else believes they will loose the younger generation unless they … Read more

God Doesn’t Ask Us to Be Successful

Web www.christianactivities.com christianactivities.musichristian.com //–> I recently received an email from a young woman who wanted to live for Jesus, but was afraid it might be too difficult. She wanted to know if she could live for Jesus and still listen to music she called “wrong.” The following is a part of my response to some … Read more

I Will Never Forget

From our archives: I’ve been alive for more than a half of a century. I have studied and taught American history. I love reading about American history, and I thought that I understood what I was learning. But I have never truly understood President Franklin Roosevelt’s warning of “We have nothing to fear but fear … Read more

Winning the Spiritual War

Web www.christianactivities.com christianactivities.musichristian.com //–> The Bible teaches that we are in a spiritual war (Eph. 6:12). We know that’s true, but have you ever thought about where this war is taking place? Scripture is very clear when it says to: “Set our mind on things above…” (Col 3:1) “…take captive every thought to make it … Read more

Harry Potter: The Christian Cause?

The Harry Potter craze is the latest ‘Christian cause.’ ‘What do you think about Harry Potter?’ seems to be the latest Christian question (say those two words real fast) of the day. I hadn’t commented in the past because I hadn’t seen the movie or read the books. Now that I have seen the movie–which … Read more

You Know You’re Watching Too Much TV (and DVDs) When:

Web www.christianactivities.com christianactivities.musichristian.com //–> As I was reviewing old articles, I ran across this one from 1983. I updated “You Know You’re Watching Too Much TV When …” for 2007. It’s a fun read! 1. You hear the number 24 and your first thought is Jack Bower and not the number after 23. 2. You … Read more

Rosie O’Donnell Comes Out of the Closet

From our archives: 4/2/2 Did you see the March 18, 2002 issue of People magazine? It’s the one with Rosie O’Donnell on the cover with the headline ‘Rosie’s Brave Step.’ People magazine is saying that Rosie’s decision to come out as a lesbian was a brave decision. I had to laugh at the irony. What’s … Read more

What is Quality Entertainment?

What is quality entertainment? What makes a TV program, video, or movie good? How would you answer these questions? The typical response by today’s young person is typically “It was funny,” “It was exciting,” “It was sexy,” etc.” But they have a hard time answering question, “Was it any good?” I’d like to share a … Read more

Spend More Time in Prayer

A concerned mother was surveying our display table after a seminar looking for an appropriate CD for her adult son who wasn’t living for Jesus. “What kind of music does he listen to now?” I inquired. “Rock music. It’s loud and sets my nerves on edge. I know that it’s bad and I want to … Read more


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