You Know You’re Watching Too Much TV (and DVDs) When:



As I was reviewing old articles, I ran across this one from 1983. I updated “You Know You’re Watching Too Much TV When …” for 2007. It’s a fun read!
1. You hear the number 24 and your first thought is Jack Bower and not the number after 23.
2. You have the whole season on a set of DVDs of your favorite TV program.
3. You know what the initials CSI and NCIS stand for.
4. You actually care about the fictional life of a fictional character on TV.
5. You are able to understand the weatherman’s definitions of high pressure, low pressure, fronts, etc.
6. You stay up to watch Jay Leno or Letterman monologue and you end up watching the whole program.
7. You get emotionally involved in commercials.
8. You actually have a favorite TV commercial.
9. You watch the 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 11 o’clock newscasts to see if anything changed in the past few hours.

10. You will watch Sportscenter on ESPN 24/7 if your wife would let you.
11. You watch your favorite newscast because the reporters are cute.
12. You have watched a favorite program so much that you know how the main characters will respond in various situations.
13. You justify the sex scenes on your favorite movies and television programs because they didn’t show “everything.”

14. You will alter social engagements to accommodate your television viewing.
15. You can’t remember what you watched the day before, even though you spent the whole evening in front of the television.
16. When you think of Apolo Anton Ohno, you think of “Dancing With The Stars” and not the Olympic speed skating champion.
17. You arrange your furniture around your television – giving it a place of honor.
18. You have a television in your bedroom.
19. You start conversations by asking people if they saw a particular television program last night.
20. You spend so much money on cable and a widescreen TV that you feel you need to watch more TV to get your money’s worth.
21. You think that you are spending quality time with your children when the whole family is watching the same TV program together.
22. You spend less than 40 seconds a day in meaningful conversations with your children and they spend more than 40 HOURS a week on “screen time” (TV, DVDs, computers, IM-ing, etc) and then you wonder why they rebel against your values.

23. You can entertain yourself with programs and movies that mock Christian values. And can justify it by telling yourself, “It’s not so bad!”
24. You eat more meals in front of the TV than at the dinner table.

25. You are too busy to teach a Sunday school class or a Bible study, but you always have time from your favorite program.
26. You turn on the television without knowing what’s on – with the thought that you are a good parent because you are watching the least offensive program.
27. You would rather watch sports on TV than play sports with your children.
28. You hurry the kids to be during the commercials so you won’t have to do it when your program is on.
29. You don’t mind people talking during the church service, but won’t tolerate anybody talking during your favorite program.
30. You don’t mind being late for church, but would never be late for your favorite TV show.
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