Harry Potter Revisited – Al Menconi Answers His Critics

When I wrote my editorial about Harry Potter, I knew that I would get a lot of mail. But I didn’t expect so much of it to be negative. The number of positive notes thanking me for a balanced review has been running about even with the negative. But the negative has been so negative; I believe I should respond to their criticisms.
I had a few people even send some of my old editorials and wondered how I could have changed into a liberal. I haven’t changed. Please keep in mind,
the purpose of this ministry and my editorials is to teach parents and leaders to teach their kids HOW to think, not merely WHAT to think.
Let me reassure you that I have not watered down the Gospel, or do I believe that I am being blinded by Satan. As with everything I write or say, I surrounded my Potter editorial with prayer. It wasn’t done off-the-cuff or in a frivolous manner at all. I understand that as a teacher of the Gospel, I have an added responsibility to be accurate and biblical.
To be honest, I had the outline for my editorial already written because I “knew” I was going to say that Harry Potter was witchcraft and we should
avoid witchcraft. But to be absolutely accurate, and not base my evaluation on someone else’s comments, I chose to see the movie for myself.
Actually, I wish that Harry Potter did teach witchcraft. It would have been much easier for me and very safe to say, “Harry Potter is a witch.
Witchcraft is wrong. Stay away.” I’m sure there wouldn’t have been many complaints. But that wouldn’t have been honest either.
After watching the movie for myself, I had to completely change my position. Witchcraft was and is still evil, but this movie is not showing or teaching
real witchcraft. I have studied real witchcraft for years. Among other things, real witchcraft has to do with contacting the demonic world to cast spells and develop potions. The “witchcraft” of Harry Potter uses “silly stuff” like a talking hat, flying brooms, a “magic” mirror and other fantasies. This is not witchcraft, but someone’s imagination. This movie is no worse than the witchcraft of Snow White, Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, or Shrek.
As a matter of fact, after reading and rereading my review, I wouldn’t change a word. Please reread it for yourself. I know that the Bible tells us to not have anything to do with witchcraft (or any other type of sinful behavior), but this isn’t witchcraft.
As I said in my review, I believe that Harry Potter is actually worse. Because of this movie/book series, there is a now a whole young generation who believes witchcraft is as innocuous as Harry Potter waving a magic wand. Let’s get this straight: Witchcraft is demonic and not child’s play!
Then why would I allow my child to read the books or go to the movie? Because this movie/book is not immoral. It is not violent. (It does have a
couple non-violent scenes that may scare little children.) It is not sexual. It is not profane. It doesn’t show witchcraft. It is also not a hill to die on! If my child were making this an issue that was hurting our communication, then, as I said before, I would first read the book and/or go to the movie with my child. I would then use it as an opportunity to discuss real witchcraft with her.
I didn’t then, nor do I now, minimize witchcraft. I don’t recommend that you see the movie and read the books if it isn’t an issue in your home. But if
treated properly, you could use it as an opportunity to have a real dialogue with your child and help him/her to understand the difference between Harry Potter and real witchcraft.
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