Rosie O’Donnell Comes Out of the Closet

From our archives: 4/2/2
Did you see the March 18, 2002 issue of People magazine? It’s the one with Rosie O’Donnell on the cover with the headline ‘Rosie’s Brave Step.’ People magazine is saying that Rosie’s decision to come out as a lesbian was a brave decision. I had to laugh at the irony. What’s so brave about someone who has been living an open homosexual lifestyle her whole adult life and then makes it official? How about someone in the entertainment industry making a statement that homosexuality was wrong. Now that would be brave.
Why don’t more people in the public arena say homosexuality is wrong? One reason could be that they are afraid to be labeled a racist, hate-monger, homophobe, and intolerant bigot. That is exactly what happened to Dr. Laura when she publicly stated her beliefs concerning homosexuality. She has been openly ridiculed and held in contempt by leaders in the entertainment industry. Her life and career has been threatened because she has stated that she agrees with Scripture that homosexuality is wrong. But Rosie is ‘brave’ for ‘joining the party?’ It seems that People magazine has an agenda to push.
I don’t want to concentrate on the homosexual aspect of entertainment because there are so many other important issues. But there are two things that must be settled before we can proceed: Is homosexuality really wrong? And if so, how should a Christian respond?
Homosexuality is wrong because God said it is wrong (Romans 1:26&27). Period!
Furthermore it goes against nature. It is unnatural. What does ‘unnatural’ mean? Take this mental exercise with me: If everyone in the world were heterosexual, would the human race survive? Of course it would. On the other hand, if everyone in the world were homosexual, how long would the world survive? For obvious reasons, only through the present generation! That alone proves that it is against the natural order of nature. Even nature itself testifies that homosexuality is not normal.
Yet, in nearly every aspect of entertainment, it is being shown as a normal way of life. It is impossible to believe Scripture and the entertainment industry at the same time! I choose to believe the Bible and nature. The Rosie article is just another example of how the entertainment industry is trying to influence our beliefs. Be careful.
A good thing to remember is the acronym C – A – N. What is Common in entertainment is considered Acceptable by society, and what is acceptable in society must be Normal.
The real question isn’t if it is right or wrong. It is wrong! The real question is what should the Christian’s response be to the entertainers and entertainment media that legitimize a homosexual lifestyle? Many in the Christian community recite the phrase, ‘Love the sinner; hate the sin.’ It sounds good, but do we really practice what we say? Do we really love the homosexual as Christ loves him or her?

In order to do this, we must realize that their sin is no worse than the sin in our own lives. We are all sinners (Romans 3:23). The only One qualified to judge is the One without sin. When we understand this, we should be less judgmental to others. Remember our ‘job’ as Christians is to let the world know that we are Christians by our love, not by our piety. It is impossible to show love with a judgmental spirit.
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