Left Behind World at War Moves Ahead

This past weekend, Cloud Ten Pictures released the latest Left Behind movie World at War to more than 3,200 churches nationwide. By definition, this qualifies as a very wide release, typical of major Hollywood blockbuster movies. Oak Creek Assembly of God, one of 50 Wisconsin churches participating, packed in an impressive 1,700 people. After the movie 120 stepped forward to accept Christ as Savior.

Based on the last 50 pages of the second book, Tribulation Force, Left Behind: World at War chronicles the final days of America as a world power as prophesied in the Bible.

“The Left Behind franchise is set in the End Times, but the story is about turning to your faith in God and seeking His will during difficult times. This story could just as easily be told in the setting of a natural disaster or terrorist attack,” says Kirk Cameron. “Ten out of ten people will die, and this movie requires the audience to think about what will happen to them when their time on earth comes to an end. The Gospel message remains the same regardless of the circumstances.”

Producer Peter Lalonde made the decision to open the film in churches as opposed to theaters calling theater showings a “loss leader” that drives video sales. The Sony Pictures Entertainment DVD of World at War releases in stores tomorrow, Tuesday October 25. The Left Behind – World at War DVD will be on sale in stores everywhere: Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s Clubs, Family Christian stores – everywhere DVD’s are sold.

Brothers and co-CEO’s Peter and Paul Lalonde founded Cloud Ten Pictures in 1996. The company is the undisputed leader in the production and marketing of faith-based films. Cloud Ten has production and distribution deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. For more information on Cloud Ten Pictures, go to www.cloudtenpictures.com.

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