Kirk Cameron Won’t Be Left Behind

During the “Left Behind” concert tour in January of this year, Kirk Cameron shared his testimony with the capacity crowd at the People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Cameron began by revealing his feelings of deep loneliness, even during his successful stint on “Growing Pains.” Kirk said that much like the character Buck Williams whom he plays in the movie, he discovered how much he needed Christ in his life.

Through a friend Kirk came to know God. “He said, ‘Kirk, what you’re feeling and the things you are talking to me about are the result of the fact that you don’t know God. You don’t know that you were made by God to know Him and have a personal relationship with Him.’ He explained to me about how sin separates you from God and how there is this stubborn, selfish streak that ran deep in the heart of every person, that we’re all the same and that we need to turn our hearts to God and ask Him to forgive us, that God, more than anything, wants us to do that and He has provided a way for that to happen through His Son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to pay the price of my sin. So we can just come to Him and say ‘God, please forgive me. I’ll live my life for You.’
And I thought that, although I wanted it to be true, and I wrestled with so many thoughts in my mind and I had so many questions and doubts. And finally there was a day where I remember very vividly saying to myself, ‘You know, Kirk, you can play around with the ideas of God and being a good person and all this stuff, but you know what? If you died tonight, you wouldn’t be going to heaven, because if the Bible’s true then being a good person is not what it’s all about. The only way to heaven is by turning away from your sin and turning to God through faith in Jesus Christ.’
I didn’t know any kind of theology or any kind of ways to pray. I just closed my eyes one day and said, ‘God, if you’re real, I really need to know. If You’re there and You love me, You would show me in a way that I can really understand.’ It wasn’t like a lightening bolt came through the door or anything, but it was like this little flame in my heart just sparked and it’s stayed lit ever since then; my growing relationship with the best friend I’ve ever had. And He began to change who I am and what I live for. So I can tell you today, of all the things that I had the opportunity to experience and all the privileges I have had in my career, absolutely nothing compares to knowing Jesus Christ. He just came crashing through the walls of my life and said, ‘I’m who you’re looking for. I’m your hero. I’m the one that you need.'”

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