Left Behind Tour Comes to Franklin

The Left Behind Tour brought some of Christian music’s best-loved veterans as well as some of its most promising newcomers to the stage of the People’s Church in Franklin in January. Interspersing scenes from the movie with songs by the artists, it was a high-tech evening. Kicking off with the high stepping girls from Shine along with blue-eyed soulster Bryan Duncan, the theme song for Left Behind was wailed out danced to and laser-lighted into our brains. A week later I am still hearing it. The applause for the song was heart-felt but nothing compared to the semi ovation given every time a picture of Kirk Cameron flashed on the screen. It was Kirk’s night, but the crowd was well entertained as they waited for the man of the hour.

Next up was Bob Carlisle who laid claim to what he called “the most pivotal moment of the film” stating, “There is one pivotal part of this film. I am in this film, and even though I am not as long-winded as Kirk Cameron is in this movie, I believe my part is pivotal.” Bob’s stellar moment consists of three words, “That’s our Buck.”

Bob sang his signature “Butterfly Kisses” as well as Rayford’s Theme” from the movie, and even though he was on cold medication, his resonant voice still brought us his songs in the Carlisle style.

Shine was next with a 21st Century take on the old song, “Higher Love,” followed by Russ Lee’s “Live What I Believe.”

Mr. Carlisle came back to join Russ Lee and Reunion newcomer Joy Williams for another song, before Bryan Duncan returned to crack a joke about heaven. “It won’t just be Americans,” he said, then paused before adding, “There will be a few Democrats, too.”

The evening continued in this vein: great music, funny stories, scenes from the movie… and then…Kirk Cameron came on to the thunderous applause and delight of his crowd.

Kirk shared his own testimony with us and told us what the movie means to him. Then he brought his lovely wife, Chelsea Noble onstage to share her thoughts.
Chelsea had been reading the Left Behind series and had told Kirk she loved the books and that she would love to play the part of Hattie. She said, “I wanted to find out if anyone had bought the rights to the movie and I kept telling Kirk, ‘This would make a great movie. Somebody has got to make it.’” Within a few days, Kirk received a call from his agent and the rest, as they say, is movie history.
The tour supports the movie and the movie has provided a platform for several artists to have a cameo appearance. The delightful young Canadians in JAKE, who performed after Kirk and Chelsea concluded their comments, have a walk on as security guards in the flick. Talk about an arresting performance! Also boasting appearances in the movie as well as the Left Behind album are Rebecca St. James and Clay Crosse.

The tour is providing a pleasing mix of entertainment and if it comes to your area, trust me; you don’t want to be “Left Behind.”
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