Letter from Zell Miller

Dear Fellow American,
As you know, I defied my party leadership in 2004 and came out in support of President George W. Bush.
The reasons for this decision were many but in the end it came down to the fact that the next president would determine the kind of world my children and grandchildren would live in. Who should be America’s leader?
The answer in my mind was clear, George W. Bush.
Ohio faces a similar choice today. Who has the principles, courage and leadership necessary to be the next Governor of Ohio? The answer in my mind is clear- Ken Blackwell.
Ken is a decent and honest man. A man who knows what is right, who wants to accomplish great things for Ohio and who has the courage to stick to his principles.
Ken and I have a lot in common. He and I have often locked horns with our party leadership. Ken championed Ohio’s marriage amendment last year in opposition to the Ohio Republican establishment.
Ken has always fought for lower taxes and often he was the only Republican to do so. When the chips are down and the pressure is on, you need someone you can trust to do what is right. Ken Blackwell is that man. Ken is my kind of Republican.
Ken Blackwell is a pro-life, pro-family, fiscal conservative. Ohio needs a leader it can trust. Ohio needs Ken Blackwell. Will you help Ken Blackwell become the next Governor of Ohio? He needs your help today.
Ken is running a great campaign. He is ahead in all the polls and we need to make sure he stays there. Ken has the courage to stand for life, marriage and lower taxes; will you have the courage to stand with him?
Show your support by sending a contribution today.
Zell Miller


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