Christian Video Games 101

An introduction to Christian gaming. Part 1 of a 2-part series on Bible-based games,

With the popularity of online church games today, we take a look back at the history of Christian video games. In 1982, a number of Christian video games were released which were compatible with the old RadioShack TRS-80 Color Computer (later marketed as the Tandy Color Computer), an early line of home computers developed and sold by Tandy Corporation.

These video games made for the TRS-80 appear to be among the earliest Christian computer games.

  • Bible Scramble Games
  • The Memory Verse Games
  • The Quail Game 
  • Moses’ Rod
  • Noah’s Ark
  • The Church Growth Game
  • Heavenly Mansions
  • The Exodus Game
  • Manna from Heaven
  • The Rapture Game 
  • Daniel & the Lion’s Den
  • Bible Computer Games

Since then there have been a wide variety of online church games released over the years for the Christian market, compatible with many different gaming systems.

Popular games like Minecraft have even had Bible-based Minecraft builds created for young enthusiasts to enjoy.

Christian Music & Video Games

Many major Christian artists have done music for various video games, especially those based upon books and movies. The “Left Behind” series and “Extreme Skate Adventure” come to mind.

Other artists like Skillet have even released their own games. See Skillet Premieres New ‘Save Me’ Video Game.

A search on Amazon turns up over 1,00 results for “Christian video games.” It’s definitely a popular market with games available for all varieties of gaming at a price.

Christian games offer an alternative to video games that feature excessive violence, immoral and mature content. Ten years ago Star Wars made headlines when the franchise abandoned its family-friendly nature by caving to the homosexual agenda and adding gay characters to their video games. How far down the progressive rabbit hole do you think other games have gone since then?

Do you know what your kids are playing? Maybe it’s time to switch them over to Bible-based games.

Tell us what your favorite Christian games are in the comments below.

Read Part 2: Free Christian Games Online.

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