Free Christian Games Online

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A look at several websites that offer free Christian Games Online; Part 2 in a series on Christian gaming We took a look at the popularity of video gaming in our previous article, Christian Video Games 101. Christian games are definitely popular, but most video games come with a price tag. Online gaming for Christians … Read more Free Christian Games Online

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Christian Video Games 101

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An introduction to Christian gaming. Part 1 of a 2-part series on Bible-based games, In 1982, a number of Christian video games were released which were compatible with the old RadioShack TRS-80 Color Computer (later marketed as the Tandy Color Computer), an early line of home computers developed and sold by Tandy Corporation. These video games made for the TRS-80 appear to … Read more Christian Video Games 101

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VVRG Announces Release of Debut VR game, ‘DvG: Conquering Giants.’

New VR game DvG: Conquering Giants artwork

New VR Game DvG: Conquering Giants: The Greatest Duel Ever Fought Reimagined By Visual Effects Designers That Brought You “Transformers,” “The Hobbit” And “Avatar” Launches Worldwide Nov. 2020 With a goal to create high-quality, family-friendly projects, Virtuous VR Gaming (VVRG) announces the release of their debut VR game, “DvG: Conquering Giants.” “DvG: Conquering Giants” is a reimagined … Read more VVRG Announces Release of Debut VR game, ‘DvG: Conquering Giants.’

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This Build for PC Computers Will Save You Money

Computer Build for PC

How to save money by building a great PC computer for modern 3D gaming DIY Build for PC Computers With bands like Skillet making their own video games, and other modern video games coming out for 3D gaming, many people are discovering a good PC computer for playing video games can be expensive. Sure, you … Read more This Build for PC Computers Will Save You Money

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Skillet Premieres New ‘Save Me’ Video Game

GRAMMY nominated SKILLET has played tens of thousands of shows all over the globe and sold over 12 million albums, but the Christian rock band has have never had its own video game.  That all changed today when LOUDWIRE premiered SKILLET’S “Save Me” video game. SKILLET Video Game Based upon the band’s latest active rock track and music … Read more Skillet Premieres New ‘Save Me’ Video Game

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Star Wars & Other Video Games Caving to Homosexual Agenda

Star Wars Video Games Yield to Pressure from GLBT Lobby The classic Star Wars line of books, movies, video games and toys originated as a story that the entire family could enjoy. It avoided sexual immorality, political positioning and extreme graphic violence.However, due to pressure from the GLBT lobby, Electronic Art has made the decision … Read more Star Wars & Other Video Games Caving to Homosexual Agenda

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Dispatch from Narnia 2

  “You’re It?” The Narnians and Prince Caspian were expecting grown-ups to come to help them save Narnia, and were surprised (and a bit dismayed) when children arrived instead. Kids are wildly optimistic about their capabilities. If you ask a classroom full of first graders, “Who in here is creative?” you’ll get every hand raised … Read more Dispatch from Narnia 2

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Isles of Derek – Video Game Review

Isles of Derek–Bible-based video game I have to say when I looked at this game I had very low expectations that it would please me. However after getting further and further into the imaginary world of “Isles of Derek” I couldn’t help but be amazed how well done this game actually is. Graphics: The graphics … Read more Isles of Derek – Video Game Review

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The Bible Game for PlayStation2 and Xbox

Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of console videogames, today announced they have shipped The Bible Game for PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and Xbox video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The Bible Gamecombines wholesome family fun with an engaging challenge of Biblical knowledge, and is available at retailers throughout North America for a MSRP of … Read more The Bible Game for PlayStation2 and Xbox

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Left Behind Video Game

Left Behind Video Game “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” Announced Based on the popular series of books by Timothy LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. a new series of Left Behind video games are releasing to continue the fun and excitement of the end-times story. Left Behind Games will release “Left Behind: Eternal Forces,” a PC game based … Read more Left Behind Video Game

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