What Every Christian MUST Understand About Critical Race Theory

Oklahoma recently joined other states in restricting the dangerous teachings of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Although he is being heavily criticized by proponents of Critical Race Theory (including the entire Oklahoma City School Board), Gov. Kevin Stitt made an important decision in the signing of House Bill 1775 recently. The crucial bill restricts the teaching of some critical race theories in the state of Oklahoma. In the growing movement, North Carolina was recently named the seventh state to be looking at legislation which would ban the teaching of CRT in schools.

What Is Critical Race Theory?

According to Britannica, critical race theory is an “intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of color.” CRT theorists hold that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist in as much as they function to “create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans.”

In other words, CRT is all about reteaching history, law and culture through a distorted lens that depicts America as systemically racist. Its central claim is that racism, not liberty, is the basis of American culture.

Popular political pundit Ben Shapiro has drawn the parallel between critical race theory and Marxism. Shapiro says that the premise of CRT that the American constitutional and legal system have no capacity for change mirrors an attack from Marxism that says the “Constitution is a capitalist document incapable of allowing for the redistributionist change necessary to create a more equal world. To create a more equal world, the Constitution and the legal system would have to be endlessly criticized – hence critical theory – and torn down from within.”

Last September, President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning the teaching of this “malign ideology” to federal employees and federal contractors. Unsurprisingly, his ban was blocked by a federal judge in December. Predictably, Joe Biden immediately revoked it upon taking office in January. Since then, federal agencies and federal contractors along with big businesses like Disney and Coca Cola have resumed staff training on white privilege and systemic racism, teaching white employees to “be less white.”

If that’s not bad enough, CRT has been making major inroads on college campuses for a couple of decades and is now rearing its ugly head in high schools and elementary schools where “white privilege” is not the only thing targeted. Lawsuits are making their way to court alleging that CRT encourages discrimination and other illegal policies targeting whites, males, heterosexuals and Christians.

While some of the tenets of CRT may sound good in theory, in actuality, CRT is not about “fairness” or historical accuracy. It is about re-education–viewing and re-teaching American history and culture through an arbitrary, distorted–and frankly–anti-white, anti-Christian lens. To further the objectives of CRT, in some high schools and even elementary schools, children are taught in the classroom by their teachers that white children, straight children and Christian children are automatically “oppressors” and other children are encouraged to call these young children “oppressors” during classroom exercises.

What the Oklahoma Bill Says

The new Oklahoma bill would prohibit such racist classroom exercises and reads in part:

1. No teacher, administrator or other employee of a schooldistrict, charter school or virtual charter school shall require or make part of a course the following concepts:

  • a. one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex,
  • b. an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously
  • c. an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment solely or partly because of his or her race or sex,
  • d. members of one race or sex cannot and should not attempt to treat others without respect to race or sex,
  • e. an individual’s moral character is necessarily determined by his or her race or sex,
  • f. an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex,bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex

The Oklahoma decision follows several lawsuits brought in multiple states that point to serious problems with critical race theory. Last fall, according to realclearinvestigations.com, a Nevada charter school asked students to “unlearn” the oppressive structures within their families, their religion and their identities. Twelfth-graders were instructed to think about the flaws in their identity that “have privilege attached to it.” according to a discrimination suit filed by the a biracial male student and his black mother. They allege the student was forced to agree with a political ideology that was against his conscience and his Christian faith. The case, filed last December, is headed for trial along with other cases.  

Critical Race Theory is Not What It Looks Like

David Horowitz, from a Marxist family and formerly a Marxist himself, is author of many books including “Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream,” and “DARK AGENDA: The War to Destroy Christian America.” He sounded the alarm on critical race theory in 1990. He says blacks are actually more privileged than other racial groups, although they lag behind the other groups in several categories. He points out that it is not white privilege that’s preventing African Americans from doing better, but their behavior. Horowitz points to the problems blacks have created for themselves by not building more intact families as one example. “The fact that white people are better off is not a privilege; it’s earned,” he says.

Watch a black father demolish Critical Race Theory

Marc Little, pictured above, is a pastor and attorney. He explains that CRT is not what it looks like. In a national column published at Townhall, Marc Little wrote “To those who believe Critical Race Theory is a vehicle to discuss race in America, they mistake the goal of CRT, which has little, if anything, to do with race.”

The Executive Director of CURE America Action which advocates for public policy with the messages of Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution across the nation, he states that the theory rejects America’s founding principles. In his column, Little said “It demands equality in outcomes or worse, it demands to invert economic realities.”

Little describes how the theory attempts to confront power structures in the country by dividing America into two categories: Oppressor and the Oppressed. Little states:

This is known as “intersectionality” and was introduced by Kimberly Crenshaw in 1989. The Oppressor is defined as white, male, heterosexual, cis gendered, (naturally born male), able-bodied and native born. The Oppressed are ranked by degrees of “oppression.” If you are black, you are oppressed. If you are black and gay, you are more oppressed. If you are black, gay, and female, you have an even greater degree of oppression. And so on. The point being, the more oppressed one is, the more moral authority one has which is accompanied by the least amount of responsibility. And to the Oppressor, you gain moral authority by surrendering your power to the oppressed. This is called being “woke” and purports to accomplish the goal to reverse the so-called privilege held by the “white man.” It is an effort to force so-called equality.

–Mark Little

Little warns Americans, especially Christians, that there cannot be meaningful discussion about race by threatening white men to surrender their achievements regardless of how history gave them a head start. Instead, Little said the “nonsensical, unproven, and unbiblical” Critical Race Theory should be rejected as a distraction. “The intelligentsia are more the problem than the solution,” Little wrote.

Matthew Lohmeier, a 2006 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, wrote the book Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. In the book, Lohmeier addresses some of the repercussions of critical race theory and asks hard questions about whether or not systemic racism is a reality, or merely a Marxist tool used to divide Americans. He examines why the Defense Department has suddenly shifted its focus to extremism within the ranks, asking if the many Diversity and Inclusion trainings that are being conducted in federal agencies are actually helping solve problems, or simply creating conflict where none previously existed.

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Why You Won’t Hear the Negative Side of Critical Race Theory

With so many intelligent people pointing out the flaws, problems and outright hypocrisy of critical race theory, why haven’t you heard more about these issue? For one thing, the mainstream media is complicit in following the same narrative as those pushing CRT. For another, federal government, big businesses and schools have embraced CRT and won’t allow any discussion of the problems. In fact, it is even discouraged to post two-sided discussions about CRT on social media. Christian strategist Lance Walneau recently included critical race theory in an email about the list of things he CANNOT DISCUSS on Facebook without penalty. Here is his list:

Wallneau has hit a wall. A relatively new and terribly-flawed theory that is unfriendly to Christians is being taught in our schools, and it cannot be questioned or criticized on social media.

Critical race theory would re-write our country’s history, laws and culture to penalize whites, Christians, males, straights, and anyone with traditional or capitalist values. It would tell minorities that all their problems are the fault of someone else and take away any personal accountability. Critical race theory by its nature is a racist, punitive movement that is not about equality, but about those falsely labeled as “oppressors” being forced to give up their rights, their heritage and even their faith in an effort to appease the Marxists behind the movement.

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