America Indebted (Memorial Day)

A poem in appreciation for our soldiers for Memorial Day

Freedoms and rights both old and new,
Are blessings our nation has earned.
The toll of the whole, paid by the few
As enemy fronts we turned.
The right to express a different opinion,
Is to all fundamentally granted.
Let’s embolden our soldiers: save our dominion!
Lest tares in our midst supplant us.
Thanks to the soldiers, the valiant corps
Who enlist in the force of their choosing.
They are certain that war, as in ages before
Dare not risk the peril of losing.
The pledge of allegiance we stand to recite
For the women and men who serve.
The might of their fight is in doing right:
To protect, defend and preserve.
Know valiant soldier, your life is a gift
That our nation has held and lost.
We’ve kept and we’ve wept and today we uplift:
Your burdens, your pain and your loss.

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From our archives, May 27, 2011. Unfortunately, the name of the poet who wrote this Memorial Day poem was lost when we moved Christian Activities to a new platform. If you know who wrote this Memorial Day poem, please let us know,

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