Memorial Day in the U. S. A., a Poem

~ A Poem About Memorial Day in the U.S.A. ~


For Memorial Day weekend, here is a poem in honor of those who died serving our country.

Memorial Day in the U. S. A.

For those who fell on battlefields
So far away from home,
Or languished in a prison cell
Until their lives were gone
We lift flags of the U. S. A.
On this your very special day.
So bright, so brave, the best of them
Defended us so well
That now in humble gratitude
Our hearts begin to swell.
Oh, raise the flag and sing some songs–
To you our best respect belongs!
The names of fellow citizens
Who perished serving their homeland
Deserve a place in history,
Every stalwart woman and man.
We set aside a day for you
And wave the red, the white and blue

The name of this writer was lost when we moved Christian Activities to a new platform. If you know who wrote this poem, please let us know.

From our archives May 25, 2012

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