The Evil Priests of Hollywood

~ Hollywood has forced their aggressive evil preacher/priest agenda past the point of sanity ~

During a recent bout with COVID, I watched a lot of television, mostly movies. I watched drama, adventure, comedy, crime, apocalypse, survival, sci-if, and zombie movies.

These movies were almost all selling political or cultural agendas: climate control, bi-racial couples, out-of-touch conservatives, female presidents and generals, and wicked, evil priests, to name a few. A few years ago it was the homosexual agenda being pushed. In another year or so, it will be the trans agenda being shoved down our throats by the Hollywood elites. Hollywood always has an agenda, and it almost goes against Biblical values.

Don’t get me wrong, as a woman, I take no issue with qualified, experienced women in leadership. I believe some conservatives are as out of touch as their socialist counterparts. I have no problem with people falling in love naturally and marrying someone from a different race. What I do have a very serious problem with is these things being rammed down our throats by Hollywood to influence easily-manipulated viewers to accept it all as factual, normal, preferable, and even righteous.

What I do object to—strenuously— is Christians being depicted as weak lemmings who blindly serve as and obey the evil priests and preachers who lead them astray.

I admit that throughout history there have been many priests, preachers and religious leaders who have done evil deeds. There have also been many violent Muslim, Hindu, and non-religious wicked leaders throughout history that committed and continue to commit atrocities, yet Hollywood pays them scant attention.

What we are forced to view over and over in countless movies is the myth of the evil pastor and his puppet followers.

In a world where their are Christian priests and preachers in the majority of non-Muslim countries, the majority of these good men take care of the poor, the widowed and the orphans, offering food and shelter. They offer words of encouragement and hope to their congregations. They teach the values of helping the poor and the downtrodden, of sacrifice and virtue, of building strong and loving families, of standing up to evil.

Their churches are sometimes attacked, burned down and destroyed. They are frequently martyred. And their character is routinely assassinated by Hollywood.

Hollywood has turned the evil preacher into a ubiquitous and ridiculous trope. It is pervasive and can hardly be avoided. What CAN be avoided is letting Hollywood influence you to believe the lies they peddle.

What are the preachers and priests in your area doing? Sponsoring food banks? Hosting events for kids? Supporting orphanages? Visiting the sick?

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