Hollywood! Please Cease and Desist!

Good grief! As if prime time and movie theaters are not already inundated with hip Hollywood homosexuality (Brokeback Mountain, Transamerica, “Will and Grace,” “The Book of Daniel,” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” ad nauseam) here comes another show pushing the homosexual agenda. I just finished watching the first five minutes of “Crumbs,” the new sitcom from Fred Savage (“The Wonder Years”). I also just finished turning it off.
Hollywood! Can you PLEASE stop force feeding homosexuality down our collective throats? Once again in a mockery of traditional family values, Hollywood has blatantly demonstrated its not so hidden agenda to “normalize” homosexuality. It only took five minutes and a few previews to discern the homosexual character played Fred Savage is the most “normal” and “sympathetic” in his dysfunctional family. The mother (Jane Curtin) is being released from a psychiatric country club where she has had an affair with an African-American employee. Her ex-husband (William Devane) is about to have a baby with his new girlfriend. The heterosexual older son, (Eddie McClintock), who stayed home to run the family business and grope women, is a dim-witted womanizer. Savage plays the younger son who moves home to help and “nobly” keeps his homosexuality a secret so it won’t upset his already stressed family.
Enough already! Normally I express my opinion at the box office, so to speak. I never was tempted to watch “Will and Grace.” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” I’ve not seen once. I don’t waste my money on such unappealing fare as Brokeback Mountain and Transamerica. You can hang all the awards on these movies you want; they are NOT drawing at the box office because Mainstream America is just not that interested in these movies. And Hollywood wonders why it is loosing at the box office….
I find the monotonous “we must hide; we must come out” dynamic of the Hollywood homosexual formula as tedious and boring as I do offensive. I have just ignored the shows and movies that aren’t worth my time until now. But this hogwash is appearing on prime time TV more and more these days and on more and more channels. I saw the previews for “Crumbs,” and while the Fred Savage character was obviously the “normal” character in the previews, his homosexuality was not obvious until the first program where the viewer was hit over the head with it at the beginning. I felt tricked into watching this “hilarious comedy.” It just wasn’t that hilarious to me.
It is becoming clear there is a political agenda here that is being forced on the American public with increasing disregard for traditional values and THAT is what is truly offensive. Ed Vitagliano, a media researcher for the American Family Association, told Agape Press in June “There really is an agenda in Hollywood amongst those who are homosexual.” And its chief aim, he asserts, has apparently been “to kind of broach the subject [of homosexuality] to straight America in as subtle a way as possible with the hopes that they’ll be more accepting of the political movement.”
Well, it’s not working, at least not in my case. I am getting sick, not only of the pushing of the homosexuality agenda, but also of the belittling of traditional family roles. Hollywood seems to want to convince us the homosexuals are the good guys; the rest of us are simply intolerant buffoons.
Perhaps it is the ones trying to push that particular agenda who are actually the intolerant buffoons.
1/13/06 — In related news, “The Book of Danial” will no longer be shown in Nashville!

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