Nashville Is the Best City for Country Music Fans

~ Nashville Is the Best City for Country Music Fans According to Recent Survey ~

Do you love bluesy, downhome lyrics that sound like your life’s story? Do you enjoy listening to songs about hard drinking and heartbreak? Then you probably love you some good ol’ country music, also known as country-western music. So, where are the best U.S. cities where a country boy or girl can hear the songs they crave?

Marking International Country Music Day this Sept. 17 — and the re-release of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” with Kelly Clarkson just last week — LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Country Music Fans. So how does Nashville stack up?

Nashville is known as Music City USA, the home of country music and contemporary Christian music, so it will come as no surprise where Nashville ranks in this survey. However, some information from this research may be eye-opening.

Nashville Best City for Country Music Fans

As expected, Music City captured the number one spot as a great place for country music fans, but Nashville did not rank well on concert venue or ticket price rankings.

Nashville’s Rank in Some Key Metrics (1st = Best)

  • Number of Country Music Concerts – 1st
  • Number of Country Music and Related Museums – 1st
  • Share of Country Music Concert Venues Rated 4.5+ Stars – 63rd
  • Average Ticket Price for Country Music Concerts (Income-Adjusted) – 116th

Nashville is home to numerous historic country music honkytonk venues that might not score 4.5 star ratings, but more than make up for it in ambiance. However, Music City could probably improve those ticket prices.

Neighboring Knoxville, Tennessee, came in at #16 scoring 12th in access, 14th in venue quality, 34th in genre interest, and number 181 in concert affordability. Memphis followed at #32, with Chattanooga close behind at #35. Clarksville, TN, brought up the rear at #147 but did well in ticket prices.

To come up with their ranking, LawnStarter compared over 180 of the biggest cities based on eight key factors, such as the number of country music concerts, access to performance venues, and the affordability of concert tickets.

They also gauged local interest in the genre based on Google search data, the number of country music stations, and even the existence of country music museums.

The full ranking and analysis are available here:

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