New Christian Nationalism Book Hits #3 on Amazon List

~ New book, “Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion and Discipling Nations,” hits #3 spot on Amazon’s bestselling new releases, special offer for pastors below ~

One week since the release of the Christian Nationalism book by Gab founder Andrew Torba and Andre Isker, the new read is on track to sell over 10,000 copies, reaching the #3 spot on Amazon’s bestselling new releases and #12 on the best sellers list across the entire site. For a self-published book this is unheard of, outselling nearly every book on the NYT Bestseller list.

“Christian Nationalism” has been trending all over Twitter every day this week, overcoming the approved anti-Christian narrative. Torba says critics of the book have “no actual arguments against anything we are saying in the book. The best they have is that the font is too big and they found a typo.”

Torba states that one of the big “criticisms” he has seen, especially from the authors of the anti-Christian Nationalist book on the market right now who his new nook is outselling–is that the book is “only 135 pages.” “It hasn’t occurred to them that this was by design,”Torba claims, stating the he respects his readers’ time. “We know you work hard to feed your family, make time for God, raise your children, take care of the house, and so much more. We know that because we do those things too. Our goal with this book was to make it readable in a night or two.”

Torba continues, “For six years now the mainstream media has demonized me as something I’m not–as they often to do anyone who dissents against the Regime. This book will hopefully shed some light into who I really am and what our vision is for a Parallel Christian Society.”

Free Copies for Church Leaders

If you are a church leader who would like a free copy of our bestselling book Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion and Discipling Nations for your church please fill out this form for a free copy.

Torba is preparing to send out thousands of copies to churches all across the nation–and the world in an effort to equip Pastors, Priests, and Clergy with the new book as a conversational tool.

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