Everybody Needs Good Manners

Does it seem like you kids have forgotten their manners lately? Interrupting while you’re on the phone? Eating like little Goops at
the table? Whining at the supermarket? Talking too much in class? What’s a parent to do?
Meet Miss Manners!
Judi Vankevich, former Paris fashion
model-turned-manners-mentor, has been called the “Martha Stewart of Manners”, inspiring children of all ages to practice and live
with good manners.
OK, so you’re looking at your kids and wondering just what kind of miracle could actually turn the little ruffians into well-mannered
joys that you can take out in public. Judi says that the secret is fun! With her children’s musical CD, “Everybody Needs Good
Manners”, Judi offers kids catchy tunes set to a variety of original music – country western, ‘50s rock and roll, and ballads – with
lyrics that are easily memorized. Kids sing along while learning to respect parents and teachers, live by The Golden Rule, and even
greet someone in their native language. She even manages to appeal to the kids rebellious side with little suggestions like,
“Wouldn’t it surprise your parents if you snuck into the kitchen and set the table for dinner without anyone even asking you do it?”

(So who’s the sneaky one now?)
Judi is the founder of The Manners Club and Life Skills International. She travels the US and Canada, presenting seminars on
manners and life skills for both children and adults, as well as hosting her syndicated radio commentary, “The Manners Lady
Minute”. Her Covenant Award-winning CD, “Everybody Loves Manners” is available at www.TheMannersLady.com.


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