Jireh to Perform at Parachute

The multicultural, multitalented eight-person performance group Jireh will perform at the 2003 Parachute Music
Festival over Auckland’s anniversary weekend from January 24th – 27th. Formed in August 2001, Jireh is international
standard in dance and singing, with passion for the performing arts and vision to encourage young people in their own
talents. It will be their last major performance in NZ before re-basing in Sydney March this year.
Extensive touring in NZ and Australia during 2002 has generated avid following and rising profile for Jireh who
recently appeared on TVNZ’s Mai Time and they were highlighted on Showstoppers as the supporting act in September
last year. Jireh sets precedent for New Zealand performing arts with outstanding talent and vibrant visual energy
blended with natural rhythm and flava from the combined Maori, Samoan, NZ European, Wallisian and Cook Island
heritage of the group.
Eli Phillips, spokesperson for Jireh says they’re looking forward to performing at Parachute 03 and are excited about
the opportunity to perform Mainstage at the festival, which gives them massive exposure to thousands of young people
who are passionate about music and dance.
“We can’t wait to really Rock It with our style on Mainstage; it’s an amazing opportunity to inspire so many young
people with the performing arts and to encourage them to look in their own backyards here in NZ, and to go for it with
their own talents” Phillips said.


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