Radial Angel Joins Squint

Warner Bros. Records Christian Division announces the addition of Oklahoma based rock
band, Radial Angel, to their Squint Entertainment roster.
“Radial Angel is a band that has their act together,” states Warner Bros. Christian’s Sr. VP of A&R, Shawn McSpadden. “They are
a must-see if you love the live music experience!”
Mark Lusk, Sr. VP of Marketing and Artist Development adds, “Radial Angel has worked hard to gain their independent success
and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help them build an audience on the national level.”
Comprised of Jared Taber (vocals, guitars), Tommy Perkins (drums), Jeremy Dolezel (guitar) and Eddie Jones (Bass), Radial
Angel has had notable success as an independent band. Their first indie project produced the surprise hit single “down”, that went
to #14 on Progressive Airplay Journal’s Rock Top 50 chart and #7 on the Jamsline Rock Top 50. The song also came in at #7
on Radio U’s “100 Most Wanted Songs of 2000”. “Jesus Loves Me”, the band’s second single, made it to #28 on R&R
Magazine’s Christian Rock Top 30 chart.
With their growing independent popularity, Radial Angel was commissioned for a few key performances, including the famous
Radio U New Year’s Eve Bash and as the headliner on the Massive Radio-sponsored “Epidemic Tour”. The band also received the
coveted “Pick of the Litter” feature in HM Magazine and made Progressive Airplay Journal’s list of “Top 20 Impacting New
Artists of 2001”.
“It has been an amazing journey for us so far and we’re really looking forward to our future with Squint,” says Taber. “I know God
has His hand in this whole thing and I feel that there are great things to come for us as a band and Squint as a label.”

With two successful independent albums and constant touring under their belt, Radial Angel is poised to release their debut project,
One More Last Time, on March 11, 2003. Produced by Chris Freels (Charlie Hall, Jamie Smith, the Passion projects) and Kevin
Lively (Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots), the band’s first national release deals with such difficult topics as divorce,
rape, suicide and purity.
“One More Last Time is a very honest album about things that have happened to us or others close to us,” says Jones. “We hope
that these experiences help people to relate with our music and they are moved to get to know Christ better because of it. Our main
goal is for the album to move the listener both emotionally and spiritually.”
For more information about Radial Angel and One More Last Time, visit www.radialangel.com.


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