The American Music Awards

The American Music Awards are on as I write this, but I am about to turn the show off.
After seeing undoubtedly the worst “hosts” the producers could have possibly chosen, the
Awards Show earns a “What Were They Thinking?” award from me. During the short but
seemingly interminable time I had the show on, 50% of the “hosts”” comments were
bleeped, many of the introductions were tasteless, the outfits were tacky, and I found very
little that was entertaining, enjoyable or worthy of award.
The few high points included Pat Boone who kept some dignity and his sense of humor
even after the rude introduction bleeped out by Ozzie (who once lived next door), Reba
MacEntyre who managed to look and act like a lady, and former President Bush, who gave
a gracious introduction for Alabama, nominated for the Lifetime Achievement award.
Nominated for Favorite Artist – Contemporary Inspirational Music were:
Jars Of Clay
The stand-out moment was when Michael Passons of Avalon, obviously trying to figure
out a way to be in the show but not of it, thanked “The Lord Jesus Christ; He is why we
sing and Who we sing about” after winning the award for Contemporary Inspirational
Music. After brief “thank you’s” from the Jenna and Melissa, Jody McBreyer concluded,
“Thank you everybody. I know you don’t know who we are but we love you.” The brief
interlude with Avalon was like a clear moment of sanity in the midst of a mud wrestling
Also, fans of Creed will be pleased to know they won the Favorite Artist – Alternative
Music award.
In the future, it would certainly be nice if the American Music Awards returned to some
semblance of American values and chose a host that represented the best of what this
country stands for rather than picking hosts that represent the loss of values in a dissipated


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