Christian Activities Publisher Kathryn E. Darden Now a Rodan + Fields Consultant

The publisher of and the Nashville Gospel Music & Entertainment columnist for has recently added another title to her extensive resume when she signed up as a skin care consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists in July of 2010. Now she is preparing for her business launch part on October 16, 2010.

Even before Darden began writing about gospel music, and while publishing Christian Activities, she worked in skin care as a second job to support Christian Activities when other publications were closing their doors.
Darden’s interest in products and ingredients was kindled when she became an Avon representative right out of college. Later, working in the cosmetics department at Macy’s at night while operating Christian Activities during the day, Darden began to learn more about various “better” skin care lines including Clinique, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, and Alexandra de Markoff.
Dealing with Skin Cancer
However, it was when she began to experience skin cancer over much of her face and subsequent skin problems including rosacea that Darden began to take skin care more seriously as she spent time consulting dermatologists.
Rodan + Fields Soothe for Rosacea
The first product Darden tried in the Rodan + Fields line was Soothe .
Rodan + Fields Reverse, Anti-Age, & Unblemish
Other products in the Rodan + Fields Dermatologists line include the Reverse regime for age spots and hyperpigmentation, the Anti-Age regime for wrinkles, fine lines and skin tone and texture, and the Unblemish line for acne, adult acne, and cystic acne.
Rodan + Fields Business Opportunity
Since Rodan + Fields is a new company by the creators of Proactive and has just released a revolutionary new AMP MD micro-roller anti-aging product and technology on October 1, Darden says this is the ideal time to get into the booming skin care industry and be a pioneering partner with a debt-free, highly successful company that is revolutionizing the skin care industry.
Read the full story at Christian Activities Publisher Kathryn E. Darden Announces Partnership with Rodan + Fields.
Meet Kathryn E. Darden October 16, 2010
Join Christian Activities Publisher and Skin, Health & Beauty Examiner Kathryn Darden as she shares information about skin, health and beauty and Rodan + Fields at a Wine, Cheese & Skin Care Party in West Nashville. Get a free skin consultation and see what sun damage your skin reveals under a black light.
Email skin_and_health (at) for more details.
About Rodan + Fields
To find out more about the Rodan + Fields products visit
To find out more about partnering with the Rodan + Fields business opportunity, visit or email Kathryn Darden.
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