Iwanna Publication in Hickory, NC, Runs Christmas in Iraq

Hi. My name is April Allen and I am the Special Publications Manager for a buy, sell and trade paper in Hickory, NC called the Iwanna.

We do several specials a year and at this time we are working on a Christmas Special to come out in December. I would like to publish your poem, Christmas In Iraq, in our publication and would like to get your permission to do so. It is a beautiful poem and feel that our readers would enjoy it as well. Thank you so much.

Hi April,
Thank you for the compliment and for your interest in my poem “Christmas in Iraq.” Is your Christmas special going to be print or online? The reason I ask is that if it is a print version, it would be fine if you published the poem with my by-line, © notice and “used with permission” as long as you send me a hard copy for my files. If it is online, please follow the same instructions with the addition of a link back to my original poem on AC, and please send me a link to the poem once it is published.
Thank you,
Kathryn Darden



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