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In 2001, Christian Activities publisher and Mayberry fan Kathryn Darden decided to start a chapter of TAGSRWC (The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club) for fans of the show who live in Tennessee. “My brother and I had discovered Mayberry Days and the Mayberry Reunions at Opryland. We attended a couple of events and thought it would be fun to have some local friends in the Mayberry community that we could meet at the various Mayberry events.” On August 27, 2001, Darden posted a note on a couple of Mayberry bulletin boards, created a Yahoo Group called TennesseeTAGS, and in a couple of weeks there were 19 members from across the state.
Today the group boasts almost 90 members from many cities across Tennessee and members have had numerous opportunites to meet at events in Tennessee, from s sister club in Knoxville to Mayberry Reunions at Opryland to meetings in Jackson. The group also enjoys meeting each other at Mayberry Days in North Carolina and Mayberry events in Indiana, Florida, Alabama… and anywhere a Mayberry event is held. “It is just more fun to share the excitement with some familiar faces,” says Darden.
If you live in Tennessee, love “The Andy Griffith Show” and would like the opportunity to meet with other TAGS fans across the state and share info about “The Andy Griffith Show,” you are invited to check the group out at TennesseeTAGS. The club also has a website where visitors can see photos and learn a little more about the group at TennesseeTAGS Website.
The name Tennessee TAGS incorporates the state with the abbreviation TAGS for “The Andy Griffith Show.”
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