Who Gets a Tip?




I have heard for years how our spending habits indicate a lot about our committment to God and His work. I have heard well-meaning Christians argue back and forth whether I should give 10% of my net or my gross or if I have to or should tithe at all and to whom. I have heard it all and been judged accordingly. Yes, I give money to God through specific organizations or people He has laid on my heart and I am faithful to my home church. I do lots of things for the Lord all the time. However, I do have a question.
When one goes out to eat and has a remarkable server a gratuity (tip) is in order. How much do I give the server? In some resturants it is automatically figured in but I am speaking about the times we decide the tip for the server. I have heard people say they don’t tip at all. As a former waitress I haven’t heard a good reason to not give a server a tip yet. I have heard and seen people leave a tract and no money as a gesture of “witnessing.” All this has accomplished is a poor attitude towards the “Christians” who have enough money to eat but not enough to tip.
In many parts of the United States the percentage of tip has gone from 10% to 15%. I think this is for the cost of living increases all over the country. What I haven’t noticed is any Christian organization raising the question of why servers get a “raise” but not God. I think this is a large oversight of Christians. How can mere mortals warrant more money than our Lord? I think that if I mention this too loudly I will get the “legalism” argument down my mouth. I think that will happen because I have asked a hard question. We may have found a way to “afford” the 10% to God but there is no way we could go 15%. Personally, I am at much more peace giving the Lord the same amount as the server. I wish I trusted enough to give God a “raise” so He isn’t equal to the server. After all, He never forgets how I like things done. Just a little something to “chew” on.


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