Welcome to the Real World

One Cross
(Independent Release)
When Canadian hard rock band One Cross went into the studio to record their fourth and latest CD, Welcome to the Real World, they didn?t plan to address issues like teen suicide, depression, and self-esteem. But given the fact that three of the members are in high school, it was inevitable.
“Welcome to the Real World is a reflection our lives,” says drummer and lead singer, Shawn Cavallo (16). ‘Dave, Michael and I are all in high school now. We’ve got new friends, new pressures. Issues that affect teens are our reality now, and that’s reflected in our lyrics.’
That’s an understatement. On Welcome to the Real World, their fourth independent release, One Cross displays not only amazing talent, but a sensitivity and understanding of the pain and confusion teens face every day.
For example, in ‘I Thought You Knew’, the band explores the issue of depression. ‘Diary’ is essentially a heartbreaking suicide note with a God encounter, and ‘Angel’ tackles the issue of self-image. Other must-hear cuts on the CD include ‘Open Arms’ and ‘Memories’.
‘We feel called to talk about these issues and to be real about it,’ says Michael Cavallo (18). ‘We get underneath the dirt with Welcome to the Real World and talk about what people really go through. When you listen to the lyrics you might think where are these guys coming from; it’s pretty hard-core stuff. But there’s always a positive side: God is reaching out and loving us.’
The goal of One Cross has always been to encourage Christians and reach out to non-Christians, and Welcome to the Real World offers a message of light and hope. ‘We want to be a positive light to kids who are going through all this garbage,’ says Michael. ‘We want them to know that no matter what you?re going through, God will not turn His back on you. He will always be there.’
One Cross hails from Mississauga, Ontario, and is made up of brothers Michael (18, guitar/vocals) and Shawn (16, drums/lead vocals) Cavallo, their dad Mike (keyboards) and their friend Dave Coulas (17, bass).

The band kicks off their CD release tour June 8th, with concert dates across Canada and the US Northeast. For a complete concert schedule, or to order Welcome to the Real World, visit onecross.


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