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One of the finest places to go for a vacation in the
Southeast United States is Charleston, South Carolina.
Charleston has the beach, river, art, music, and the rich
Charleston history. Whatever be your preference, you will
find everything from fine dining to art galleries to
charming carriage rides in Charleston.
Charleston is an extremely famous historical site, so if
you want your vacation to be filled with wonderful
historical sites and tours, then Charleston is the place
you want to be. In Charleston, you’ll find historical tours
focusing on the Civil War, patriots, slavery, Charleston
history, and even pirates. There are also plantation tours
that sweep you back in time. The Gone With The Wind
Charleston City Tour is one of the most popular historical
tours available in Charleston. On it, you’ll get to view
gorgeous plantations, some several hundred years old. There
are also historical walking tours that you can take, as well
as some fun ghost tours that you wouldn’t want to miss.


There are a large number of other activities available in
Charleston. You can visit the Charleston Symphony Orchestra,
one of the finest orchestras in the South. You can also see
ballet and many other types of performing arts at the
excellent Dock Street Theater.
And you don’t want to miss out on the food in Charleston.
Seafood is a Charleston specialty, with she-crab soup and
crab cakes ranking high on the list of tourist favorites.
Charleston is also famous for its pecan pie, and you
wouldn’t want to miss the chance to try some while you’re
there. Charleston also offers many opportunities for fine
dining, with meals you’ll dream about years later.
If you get tired and just want to relax, you can always find
a spot on the Charleston beach to claim as your own. Vendors
of various kinds make it easy to spend the day relaxing on
the beach while you sip on fine Charleston lemonade. If you
want a little more beach excitement, you can always try
hang gliding over the ocean or head out on a shrimp boat.
There are so many things to do in Charleston that it’s hard
to choose and, finally, the holiday comes to an end and you
have to leave. But, you leave with the promise to come back
next year and the next. To find out more about all the
activities available in Charleston, check out
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