“I’m so proud of my son,” said an excited friend.
Had her son won a race or a scholarship? Had he passed an exam with flying colours, or been the star in a play or a concert?
No, her ten year old had done what many adults, even Christian adults find hard to do, and that was to forgive someone who had
caused him considerable pain and discomfit.
We were at a church camp and the children had been enjoying time out in the swimming pool. Over-exuberance and a quick push
saw David come up with a badly cut chin.
As I’ve thought of this story, it became even more relevant that David?s father, a nurse, was able to repair the external wound by
putting in two stitches. That was an easier job to do than the work his Heavenly Father did on this boy?s heart.
When his mother suggested a game of mini golf by way of reward and distraction, the first person David wanted to go with him was
the boy who had caused his pain.
What a moving example of forgiveness!
This was a taught response from a family who is constant in family devotions and Christian teaching. (He also had five other children
in his family to practise on!)
Have you ever been guilty of hanging on to a hurt?
To forgive when we feel the one wronged, is, in our thinking, akin to saying that the act was okay, that it didn’t matter. That is not
really the point of forgiveness. It is us who will suffer if we hang on to unforgiveness, for it will drive out love in our hearts and only
bitterness and resentment will be left to grow.
We can speak the words of forgiveness to someone. That is like the outward stitching of a wound. True forgiveness though, comes
from within, and it is something that God brings about in our spirit and heart, through the experience of His unconditional love for us.
Remember the forgiveness we show should be like the forgiveness we have been shown…….’as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven
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