A Forgiving Heart

Read Colossians 3:12-13
How can it be possible to forgive that person who has hurt you the most?
Whether it’s your friend at school who you told a secret to and they
promised not to tell, but ended up sharing it with the whole class.or
whether it’s something much deeper in the center of your soul that no
one else knows anything about, except for you and that person who hurt you
in unspeakable ways.God wants to heal you from that pain and in order to do
so, one step to conquer is forgiving that person. There is healing in
(1) Read the verse in Colossians again. Why do you think that God makes
it a “must” for us to forgive those that have hurt us?
(2) Now Read Ephesians 4:32. Fill in the blanks. “And be kind to one
another, tenderhearted, ______________ one another, even as
______________ forgave you.”
God says that we must forgive because God forgives us. God doesn’t make
exceptions when it comes to forgiving us, ya know? He’s definitely
forgiven me in many instances where I certainly didn’t deserve forgiveness.

Psalms 86:5 says that God is ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to
all those who call upon Him. So, shouldn’t we then also be ready to

Forgiving isn’t easy. From the little hurts to the biggest of all
hurts…it’s never easy to forgive. And you may ask, “How can you
understand my deepest hurt? If you only knew, you would know that
there’s no way that I’d ever be able to forgive.” I do understand. I grew up with a
secret myself. For about 7 years, I was sexually abused by my step-dad.
And I promise you, it’s possible to forgive. In fact, it’s freeing to
forgive. There was such a heavy load lifted the day that I was able to
say “I forgive you.”
(3) List the names of the people who have hurt you. Whether it’s the
small hurts or the big hurts.
(4) Now write down a prayer, asking God to give you the strength to
forgive them. Sometimes, all we need to do is ask. God wants so much to give
you what you need to heal.
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