Early Mexico

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> A highly advanced culture, one of the most advanced in the Western Hemisphere was the precursor of modern day Mexico. As early as 21000 BC or perhaps even earlier hunters are thought to have roamed through what is now Mexico. It was around 8000 BC that squash, the first Mexican crop began … Read more Early Mexico

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Vacationing In Charleston

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> One of the finest places to go for a vacation in the Southeast United States is Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston has the beach, river, art, music, and the rich Charleston history. Whatever be your preference, you will find everything from fine dining to art galleries to charming carriage rides in Charleston. Charleston … Read more Vacationing In Charleston

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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> New York City is home of historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, one of the city’s many famous landmarks. Mass was going on the day I visited, and the tourists quietly watched and discreetly admired the luminous stained glass windows, statues, candles and other artistic embellishments. In 1853 James Renwick (an American architect born … Read more Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

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This is not Italy, USA: Traveling Points for Americans

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> While enduring every traveler’s nightmare, a layover at the under-construction Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, France, we watched with exhausted dismay as the electronic departure sign intermittedly displayed and then removed our last-leg flight into Venice. After having flown for eight hours through the night, a sleepless one at that, our group … Read more This is not Italy, USA: Traveling Points for Americans

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Gaylord Opryland Resort Offers Valentine’s Packages

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> GAYLORD OPRYLAND RESORT IS THE PLACE TO SPEND THE MOST ROMANTIC DAY OF THE YEAR This Valentine’s Day, true love might be inspired by the perfect place, not far from home, with romance and savings. With two of The Tennessean’s “Best Places to Kiss” in Nashville and many awards for unparalleled beauty … Read more Gaylord Opryland Resort Offers Valentine’s Packages

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Bali and its rich cultural traditions

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> //–> The exotic island of Bali is situated in the Pacific ocean. The economy of Bali thrives basically on tourism. Bali has the same importance for Asia as Hawaii islands have to the United States. Bali was earlier a Dutch colony and became an important destination for cruise ships in 1920s. The … Read more Bali and its rich cultural traditions

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