Update:Roaring Lambs Course Offered to Christian Industry Executives, Artists & Staff. New dates & contact info provided

In response to increased interest, Barry Landis, vice
president and general manager of Atlantic Records is announcing the formation
of a course based on the renowned and best-selling book Roaring Lambs. The
course will be held this fall in the conference room at Warner Bros. Records
on Music Row, every other Tuesday from 5:00 pm.- 7:00 pm., October 24 through
December 5.

“For several years we have had a Roaring Lambs luncheon, where we invited
the industry to take part in exploring the concept of taking our witness into
the mainstream culture,” said Landis. “That went well, but we just don’t
have the resources to handle all the people who want to come to that event.
We’ve decided to offer a four-week course this fall so that more people can
attend and we can dig deeper into the concept.”
The course will be based on the curriculum developed for a Belmont
University class that was held this past spring at Warner Bros. “The Belmont
class worked wonderfully — amazing interaction, interest and thinking for
kids so young. They all wanted to continue exploring the subject, but
obviously, there was a limit to the time we could all spend on it.”
Landis, who started his career as a Speech Communications teacher at
Western Kentucky University while obtaining his Masters of Arts degree,
teaches an annual spring semester course at Belmont University, which has
become one of the most well received courses at the school.
“This seriously has been the best class I’ve ever taken, and definitely
the one that has made the biggest impact on my life.” stated AnnaLiisa Maki,
one of the Belmont University course students.
“Everyone should take this course to explore what it means to live and
work in a broader world.” concurred Katy Kinard, a fellow Belmont classmate.
There will be no fee for the “Roaring Lambs” music industry course, but a
Roaring Lambs text is required. Space is limited and will be granted on a
“first-come” basis. Topics will range from discussing the impact Christians
are having on music cultural centers such as Nashville, Los Angeles and New
York; the futility of boycotts and protests in the Christian’s agenda,
sharing your faith while being salt & light and applying the material to
influence and inspire local congregations.
“I’m hoping,” explained Landis, “that we can get a good cross-section of
people from the industryâ*|record people, managers, artists, publishers,
agentsâ*|anyone, really who wants to explore what it means to become better at
communicating the Gospel message in a mainstream environment.”
Roaring Lambs is the landmark book authored by world-renowned sports
executive Bob Briner, who passed away in the summer of 1999. His tome became
a rallying point for many in the Christian music industry and he spoke
frequently at music related functions. The premise of the book is to
challenge Christians to reach the culture with the message of Christ. Given
the influence of movies and music on the culture, Briner contended that the
Christian industries should together be thinking and strategically planning
their mainstream efforts.
For more information, contact Pamela Holman


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