Left Behind Review by Ted Baehr

LEFT BEHIND, The Movie ©2000 Dr. Ted Baehr

LEFT BEHIND is the best movie made so far in the apocalyptic genre and has been crafted with a very careful, deft touch. It involves the audience in the storyline of the people. Kirk Cameron’s vulnerability, though unlike the Buck of the book, makes the movie much more compelling. He is an everyman caught in circumstances beyond his control. The characters are well drawn. LEFT BEHIND presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a very entertaining, powerful, winsome way.

CONTENT: (CCC, BBB, V, M) Strong Christian worldview that presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a powerful, winsome way as well as many moral principles including reaffirming marriage & family; no foul language, though there are some exclamatory appeals to God; violence which is treated in a discreet manner, including people disappearing as a result of so-called “rapture,” car crashes, man shoots man at point blank range but camera does not show blood & gore, some threats of violence as well as some war scenes, all done within a PG-rating; no sex; no nudity; no drugs; no alcohol; and, pre-tribulation, premillennial eschatology.

GENRE: Science Fiction

Dr. Ted Baehr, author of The Media Wise Family, (MovieGuide can be
accessed from Christian Media News) Used with Permission.

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